Sponsoring a Project

WPI encourages corporations to sponsor projects that challenge WPI students to demonstrate professional competency in their major field of study. This page is intended as a resource for corporations interested in being directly involved in the education of our students by becoming a project sponsor.

Features - Benefits - Process - Cost:
What every project sponsor needs to know

Interested In Becoming A Project Sponsor?

Now that you've read about the features and benefits of the WPI Projects Program, and something about the process, we hope you will be interested in participating.


  • Who will own the Intellectual Property rights to the results of a sponsored project?
  • Will there be a publication of these results made available in the public domain?
  • How is confidentiality protected?

For the answers to these questions, and many more, please read through the documents below in the sequence in which they are listed. They are each related to the other in some manner. To read through them out of this sequence will likely result in misunderstanding, and many questions that may not have otherwise been necessary:

  1. Sponsored Student Project Agreement [PDF]
  2. Mutual Confidentiality Agreement [PDF]
  3. WPI Intellectual Property Policy [Web]
  4. Student Agreement and Release Form [PDF]
  5. Faculty Agreement and Release Form [PDF]
  6. Financial Commitment Letter of Intent [PDF]

Note: It is not usually necessary to put both the Sponsored Student Project Agreement and the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement in force. It is a matter of which is more applicable.

If you have not had direct contact with a WPI faculty member already, you can submit a project proposal by writing a description of the project, including objectives and expected outcome. Once received, your proposal will be forwarded to targeted faculty for review, in the hope that one or more will endorse it as appropriate to advertise to our students. If you have already had contact with WPI faculty, it may not be necessary to complete this form.

If you have any questions about any form or document on this page, please call +1-508-831-5635 to speak to Sharon Deffely, Executive Director - Academic and Corporate Development, or send an e-mail to sdeffely@wpi.edu.

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