Why a Project Proposal?

Writing a good proposal is a very important tool for organizing time and resources to complete a project which fully realizes your objectives. Whether the proposal is done as a PQP for credit separate from the one-unit project, or as the first fraction of credit towards the one-unit requirement, a project proposal will be invaluable in structuring your ideas about carrying out your research and writing your conclusions. Some faculty use it as an informal "Contract" to establish an agreement about the content and limits of the final project report. Also, since the project proposal is a widely used communications tool in the professional world, you will have the advantage of learning what goes into a proposal as part of your undergraduate education.

At WPI, only those students who present budgets in conjunction with a project proposal will be considered for funding toward IQP expenses. Students should consult with their advisors in framing a proposal and a budget, and some modification of these guidelines may be needed to accommodate your subject. But since money for your proposed budgets will be allocated competitively, be sure to cover the basic points outlined here.

Requests for funding toward MQP expenses should be presented to the individual departments.

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