Our Students

WPI graduate students are members of an elite group. They have a desire to make a difference in the world, a spirit of inquiry, and innumerable academic achievements. WPI graduate alumni are actively recruited by top employers and are accepted into the most prestigious graduate and postdoctoral programs.

We invite you to get to know some of our students and learn why they chose to attend WPI, how our faculty members have affected their studies and their lives, and why they are proud to be WPI students.

By the numbers
  • 350 master’s degrees and 25 doctorates typically awarded each year
  • 1,141 full-and part-time graduate students
  • 27% women, 73% men
  • 69% from 35 U.S. states and 31% from 41 countries around the world
  • Network of graduate alumni across the U.S. and 61 countries

Student Profiles

Saurabh Vilekar
PhD candidate, Chemical Engineering

Charu Jain
PhD candidate, Biotechnology

Gregory Cole
PhD candidate, Robotics Engineering

Danielle Belsito
PhD candidate, Materials Science & Engineering