5-year BS/MS in Fire Protection Engineering

WPI offers a one-of-a-kind degree program for high school graduates...to give them the best possible credentials for entering the interesting and lucrative filed of Fire Protection Engineering. It's the five year program, ending with a BS in one of the traditional engineering disciplines (e.g. mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical engineering) and a master's degree in fire protection engineering.

Fire Protection engineering is one of the best kept secrets in career education today. Good paying jobs abound in business, government and industry...including consulting engineering firms, petrochemical industries, insurance companies, federal agencies, health care facilities, code enforcement agencies...and the list goes on. The number of jobs consistently outweighs the number of engineers available to fill them.

Fire protection engineers design fire sprinkler and alarm systems, exit and smoke control systems; do risk analyses of major industrial facilities and consult with architects on buildings ranging from high rise structures to hospitals, hotels and sports stadiums. They investigate fires and explosions, assure safety in the NASA space program, and undertake fire experimentation and research.

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