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Discovering Majors and Careers

Discovering Majors and Careers is a course is open to all students who are undecided about or are thinking about changing their academic major. It is offered in B- and C-Terms. You will conduct a self-assessment utilizing career assessment tools, research majors of interest and career paths, attend academic department presentations/major panels, participate in informational interviews, job shadowing and/or company tours. You will meet individually with Peer Advisors or a Career Development Center (CDC) staff member at least three times throughout the course.

The course objectives include: 

  • identifing and composing a list of individual interests, abilities, values, and strengths and identifitying these characteristics are currently present in your life, along with how these characteristics are applied to selecting a major.
  • identifing and explaining WPI majors and careers, requirements, rewards, and "fit" with the interests, strengths, and goals.
  • distinguishing the difference between a major and a career.
  • learning about Career Development Center resources.
  • learning about the next steps in the career planning process in regard to experiences and activities that will confirm the major you select (and add to credentials for future career).

Career Counseling

Frequently, students want to discuss in depth what they want their life's mission and work to be. Or, perhaps they no longer like their major or its associated career paths. The CDC's professional staff members assist students in putting a course of action together to address these concerns and needs.

Internships/Cooperative Education

Maybe you won't know if the decisions you made on a major or profession are right for you until you test them in the working world. By taking advantage of CDC's Summer Internship and Cooperative Education programs, you can spend three to six months working in your prospective profession or industry. Learn more about internships and co-op.

Professionals in Action

  • The Job Shadow Program allows you to spend a day with a professional working in an area you are considering. One-to-one contact with a person doing the job you are considering is the best way to learn the advantages and disadvantages of that career. These shadowing opportunities are individually arranged upon student request. Learn more about the >Job Shadow Program.
  • To take advantage of the success of our alumni, we've set up the Students Talking with Alumni Resources (STAR) Mentor Program. Through regular contact with undergraduates, alumni keep individual students aware of career trends and opportunities, and arrange for meetings with professionals throughout their companies or organizations. >Learn more about the STAR Mentor Program.


The options are almost endless at WPI. You can major, double major, major and minor, etc. See the Areas of Study section for a list of the academic options at WPI. Look at the list as a "menu" and create whatever combination of programs that looks right for you.

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Career Development Center

The Princeton Review recently ranked WPI's career services 17th in the nation.