Global Perspectives

At WPI, the opportunity to complete project work off campus is an integral part of our academic program that prepares students to put the knowledge they learn in the classroom to work by developing solutions to pressing real-life needs affecting communities around the globe. From providing clean water to developing nations, to replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy, WPI students apply their talents and turn their ideas into creative solutions.

WPI's Global Projects Program (GPP) is unlike any college or university study-abroad experience. Through the GPP, our students experience the challenge of solving real-world problems while immersing themselves in a new culture at one of 35 project centers located throughout the globe.

On a personal level, the experience often proves to be life changing. On a professional level, it prepares students for today’s increasingly global and competitive workplace. It’s invaluable experience for landing a first job, and excellent preparation for graduate school.

While no two sites, projects, or clients are alike, students do realize some common benefits from these life-changing experiences. For example, they...

  • are immersed in all aspects of a different culture, from the way people live and work to the values they hold to the foods they eat – all valuable perspectives for surviving and thriving in the global marketplace;
  • solve real problems while applying theory to practice;
  • develop strong bonds with on-site faculty advisors as well as peers;
  • learn the meaning and magic of teamwork;
  • make a real and meaningful difference;
  • and gain a sharp competitive edge for any resumé, or graduate or professional school application.
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Fast Facts

WPI has sent more science and engineering students abroad than any other private university.

You don't need to know a foreign language to go to one of the global project centers. You'll get instruction before you go.