Pre-Professional Studies

WPI has a long history of success in placing students in the nation's top law, medical, dental, and veterinary schools. We have augmented our traditionally strong academic programs with special opportunities designed to provide both an enhanced college experience and a competitive advantage for admission to the best professional schools.


WPI is often the undergraduate school of choice for students whose long-term goal is to be a physician, dentist, veterinarian or other health professional. With a one-of-akind project-enhanced curriculum that offers a chance to make a difference in people's lives, WPI prepares graduates for admission to premier institutions, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and University of Massachusetts medical schools; Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, and Tufts University dental schools; and Cornell, Michigan State, Tufts University, and Ohio State veterinary schools.

At WPI, you don't major in pre-health. Rather you choose your area of interest for a major—whether it be in the life sciences, engineering, or humanities and arts—and then take advantage of pre-health professions advising. While biochemistry, biology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and chemistry are popular majors, you are free to choose any other academic discipline. Your advisor will help you design an academic program that fulfills admissions requirements to medical, dental, or veterinary schools, or other professional health programs. Support from your WPI advisor extends throughout your undergraduate years—and beyond.

Unlike other pre-health programs, WPI students are engaged in real-world experiences that set them apart in the admissions process, including practical exposure to health careers at one of our project centers and a chance to work in areas of need around the world conducting important, professional-level assignments. What's also different about WPI is that our Pre-Health Professions Program is open to all students considering applying to medical, veterinary, or dental school. You don't apply to the program. Rather you benefit from the expert guidance you receive along the way.  Learn more...


A strong understanding of science, technology, and the law is so important in these complex and challenging times when we must address the many legal issues surrounding the environment, intellectual property, computer freedom, and growing biotechnology matters such as stem cells, tissue regeneration, and genetics. This special program is ideal for students interested in legal careers relative to computers, the environment high-technology, intellectual property, and other areas requiring a business, technical, and legal background.

At WPI, the pre-law program attracts talented, motivated, committed students who have an interest in both science/engineering and the liberal arts—not just one or the other. Students are expected to major in science, engineering, or management, while they minor in law and technology.

WPI's Pre-law Program gives you an edge over pre-law students from most liberal arts colleges by providing a solid foundation in business, government, and law as well as technology and science. Our graduates have gone on to virtually every law school in the country, including those at Boston College, Boston University, Suffolk University, University of Connecticut, Cornell, George Washington University, and Georgetown University.  Learn more...

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