Special Academic Programs

Individually Designed Programs

WPI offers formally approved academic programs in 37 areas, but students can design their own majors to suit their specific professional needs by combining courses offered in various WPI departments. In the past, students have developed programs in the following areas:

  • Communications/Information Studies, combining courses in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, management, humanities, and social sciences.
  • Environmental Studies, combining courses in civil, chemical and manufacturing engineering, social science and policy studies, the humanities and arts, and biology and biotechnology.
  • Pre-Health Studies, combining courses in biology and biotechnology, biochemistry, and chemistry. Students have also combined management and economics courses with biology and chemistry in order to pursue careers in health care management. >More...

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Programs

WPI undergraduates who wish to continue their studies toward a master's degree at WPI may enroll in a combined continuous program that can speed their progress. The field of study for the M.S. is usually, but not necessarily, the same as that of the student's B.S. For the MBA combined program, the student should have completed an undergraduate major in science, management or engineering. Students apply for these programs after two years of attendance at WPI.

More information about the Combined Bachelor's/Master's Programs is available, as well as information about WPI's 5-year B.S./M.S. in Mathematics.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholars Program

Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholars will be automatically be selected from all applicants who indicate chemistry or biochemistry as their intended area of study on their admissions application. Selection by the Admissions Committee will be based upon the applicant's academic performance in high school, standardized test scores, leadership, extracurricular involvement and community service. Students selected for this highly competitive program will be given the opportunity to participate in faculty research within these departments beginning in the freshman year. In addition to the scholars program, each CBSP Scholar receives an academic merit scholarship. Scholarship amounts will vary, but typically range between $12,500 and $25,000, and are renewable for four years. Learn more about the program...

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