Project Success Stories

Projects That Have Made a Real Difference

Here are just some of the projects our students have undertaken in recent years that have made a real difference in the world.

  • Analyzed sewer holes and canal wall damage in Venice, Italy.
  • Refined the wheelchair prescription process.
  • Studied the reuse of secondary building materials in Rotterdam.
  • Helped eliminate plastic bag pollution in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Studied employee satisfaction at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in London.
  • Assessed the influence of online trading on the financial community.
  • Conducted an in-depth look at historic preservation and restoration projects in Worcester.
  • Assessed cultural influences on international software teams.
  • Compiled a catalog of aquaculture cage technologies in Zanzibar, Africa.
  • Compared Canada's universal health care system with the U.S. system.
  • Studied the bioethics of human cloning.
  • Evaluated the possible impact of hybrid vehicles on the environment.
  • Created a learning Web site on extinction and endangerment.
  • Computerized the catalog system for the National Museum of Bangkok.
  • Assessed the state of nuclear power in Switzerland.
  • Determined the size of the Down Syndrome population in Puerto Rico.
  • Upgraded Internet usage at a German children's museum.
  • Helped middle school physics and chemistry teachers create laboratory experiments accessible to blind or visually impaired students in Denmark.
  • Created a decision model for water recycling in Victoria, Australia.
  • Developed innovative techniques for teaching mathematics in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Created a cataloging system for Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts.
  • Analyzed the social aspects of gambling.
  • Studied the engineer's role in project liability law.
  • Created a prototype for an interactive Web tour of Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • Studied the influence of mathematics on the art of Salvador Dali.
  • Physically quantified the properties of the cavalry sword.
  • Developed effective ways for the EcoTarium in Worcester to use its new Telecommunications Center.
  • Analyzed the science behind DNA fingerprinting and its application in the court of law.
  • Developed recommendations for preserving lighthouses on Martha's Vineyard.
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Smart Stats

  • 44 project centers on six continents
  • Typically 60% of the class completes an off-campus project
  • Typically 50% of the class completes project work overseas
  • 2,300 global projects completed on six continents over 35 years