Undeclared Options

If you’re uncertain regarding which academic discipline should be your major, know that new students are not required to choose a major upon entrance to WPI. This is an important decision and you need not feel rushed. After some time on campus, you’ll have much more information and experience upon which to base your decision. Also, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Career Development Center resources that help students decide on a major. The center also offers job shadowing opportunities and academic department presentations, and can connect you with a current WPI student who can be a peer advisor.

UNDECIDED (Engineering)

Many students come to WPI because of our strong engineering programs. But not everyone is sure which area of engineering offers the best fit. This option allows students to begin their studies in a more general nature while learning about the various engineering disciplines offered at WPI. Whether it is biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, or fire protection engineering, or another of our many programs, faculty advisors will guide you to the discipline that’s right for you.


If you are considering a program of study in the sciences, but are not sure which particular area of science to study, this option may be for you. Without having to choose one particular area during your first year, you can delve into science studies. After spending time learning more about all of our science offerings, and in consultation with your advisor, you will be better able to select the area that’s the best fit for you.


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