Advanced Standing & Credit

Advanced standing or academic credit may be granted for a variety of international examinations or certificates of education, depending on the type of exam or certificate, type of subject, and the scores/marks achieved.

AP Exam Credit Procedures: WPI gives credit for grades of 4 or 5 only. Most AP exams, with the appropriate grade, will result in 1/3 unit credit (one course). However, exams in Computer Science AB and Calculus AB with result in 2/3 unit credit (two courses), and the Calculus BC exam will result in 1 unit (3 courses of credit).

IB Diploma/Exam Credit Procedures: WPI recognizes the IB diploma and offers credit for Higher Level examinations with a score of 6 or 7. Free elective credit is awarded for scores of 5. 2/3 of a unit credit (2 courses) is offered in mathematics, and while most other exams result in 1/3 unit credit (1 course). Students should be prepared to meet with the Academic Advising Office and individual departments to discuss their exam scores and appropriate credits.

All Other Exams and Certificates: With the exception of the AP and IB exams, credit offered for other International Exanimations and Certificates is determined on a departmental basis. Students should be prepared to discuss the details of their program and share course and/or exam descriptions with our academic departments. Among those additional exams recognized and considered for credit are:

  • British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
  • "A" Level Examinations
  • German Abitur Exam
  • French Baccalaureate II Exam
  • Danish Studenter Eksamen

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