Transfer Credit

Only courses that are the academic equivalent of a WPI course will be considered for transfer credit. College-level chemistry, calculus, calculus-based physics, engineering science, and most humanities and social science courses are generally accepted for transfer. Courses that are not transferable include pre-calculus, non-calculus based physics or engineering science, and computer courses in BASIC. Members of the WPI faculty determine which courses will be accepted. Please note that while a C in some course work may be acceptable for credit, applicants must have an overall GPA significantly higher than C to be admitted to WPI. Many academic departments will only accept transfer credit for a B or better. After transfer credits are approved by faculty members, the student will be sent a list of approved courses. Transfer credit is coordinated by the Admissions Office and is only evaluated for students who have been offered admission to WPI.

Office of Academic Advising
Fax: +1-508-831-5846

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