International Student Services

The Office of International Students and Scholars

Located in International House, this office provides information and assistance in many areas related to international student life. The office offers help with immigration and other government regulations, provides information on social and cultural programs, and is available for general counseling. Specific services include:

  • Safekeeping of passports, tickets, etc.
  • Summer storage facilities
  • Resources on travel in the United States
  • Meeting space and lounge area for students to relax and enjoy coffee and other beverages
  • Notary Public

More information about the International House can be found here.

Academic Services

Academic Advising

At WPI, you plan your own academic path to your final goal. We do have degree requirements and you will take a certain number of math and science courses, no matter what your major. But the responsibility for selecting courses, planning for your projects, and satisfying your department's distribution requirements is yours alone. You'll plan your program in close cooperation with your academic advisor, and you'll get started right away. We encourage newly enrolled students to map out their courses, project work and major activities for their four years.  More information is available at the Academic Advising Web site.

Math and Science Tutoring

Students who have taken a math or science class and are available to help other students with homework and answer questions may become M.A.S.H. (Math and Science Help) leaders. They take the class with you, so they know what's been covered. In some courses, upperclassmen work as PLAs (Peer Learning Assistants) to facilitate study sessions.

Writing Help

The Writing Center can help you with any writing assignment, at no cost to you. Whether you're writing a term paper, a project proposal or a lab report, the center's tutors can help you express yourself clearly.

Just for International Students

Knowing that good study skills are critical to your success at WPI, the International Student Council holds weekly tutoring sessions and organizes workshops on study skills, time management and communication. The council also assigns each incoming international student a peer mentor to help make the transition to WPI easier--academically, socially and culturally.