Residence Halls

You may remember your professors or your tour with the concert band, but one thing you'll never forget about your college years is the friends you make. Those friendships begin where you hang your hat. At WPI, residential life begins in our residence halls. (Many upperclassmen move on to fraternities and sororities, or to off-campus housing.) WPI works hard to make sure your experience in the residence halls is a good one. It won't be exactly like home, though in some ways it will be even better.

WPI has 11 residence halls, including specialty (like Healthy Alternatives and International House) and apartment-style housing. While our residence halls each have a different personality, they share some features, such as:

  • wiring for a telephone, cable TV and high-speed data network services in every room.
  • a resident advisor (RA) for each floor. RAs are student leaders trained to help you deal with not only the small stuff, like replacing a light bulb or unlocking a door, but the emotional things that invariably come up, such as homesickness or stress.
  • study lounges on each floor of each residence hall. There are additional study spaces in the Campus Center, the library and academic buildings.

Learn more about our residence halls (yes, there are pictures!).


Over the summer, Residential Services will let you know who you'll be living with, so you won't be strangers the first time you meet. You'll probably be paired with someone similar in nature (another night owl, a Foo Fighters fan), but you'll need to be open-minded to differences, because not only will you be sharing a room, you'll be sharing a "home" with people you'll interact with every day. And if all goes well, you'll soon form your own community of friends.