Why did you choose WPI?

I chose WPI almost immediately after my first visit. What attracted me the most to WPI was a combination of the project-based learning and the students I met while on campus.

What are the students like here?

The students make me feel very welcome, I feel safe talking to anyone. With almost any student, I can discuss some new electronic device and we can share a mutual excitement.

What has the coursework been like in your classes?

It has been challenging at times but I feel that high school prepared me well to work this hard and that I will be rewarded later on for my hard work.

Why should other students select WPI?

If you are a true nerd and engineer at heart, I cannot recommend a better place for you than WPI. I guarantee you will meet some of the best and most interesting people you’ve met in your entire life here.

Student Facts

Name: Greg
Major: Robotics Engineering
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Favorite Activity: Participating in clubs and hanging with people at the campus center
Favorite Hangouts: The Campus Center pool tables
Best Eats: I love eating at The Goats Head, but if you want something real quick, the campus center has some great burgers.
Favorite Event: The freshman-sophomore rivalry events.
Best school tradition: Trying to steal the Goats Head Statue
Career Aspirations: Working in information technology


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