Student Profiles

Most colleges have outstanding students and scholars who are also athletes, performers, and leaders. But what makes WPI’s student community unique? Generalities are tough to make, but the most common similarity of WPI students is a love for math and science, and a curiosity about how things work and why. Our students are bright, hardworking, inventive, and motivated to succeed. But it is also common for WPI students to be as driven in the lab as they are on the field or stage. This is why we have so many talented musicians and actors, terrific athletes and designers, and effective leaders and contributors. What makes WPI unique is that it is okay to be smart here, and sharing your passion is expected, encouraged and appreciated. That’s why it is so common for WPI students to have a deep sense of pride and purpose. What makes the WPI student community unique? Simply put: The students.

Senior, Biotechnology (pre-med) with a psychology minor
Millbury, MA

Sophomore, Robotics Engineering
San Francisco, CA

Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Davenport, WA

Junior, Electrical & computer engineering and physics
Miami, Florida

Senior, Mechanical Engineering with a manufacturing minor

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Fast Facts

States: 43
Countries: 70+