Multicultural Students

Multiculturalism at WPI is a multi-faceted reality that is embedded in the very fabric of who we are as an institution. As an institution, we understand the value students from various ethnic and racial backgrounds bring to classroom discussions; our research initiatives and the campus community as a whole are rich and varied. Therefore we actively seek to attract African American, Latino and Native American students to add a unique perspective of culture and identity to the community of WPI.

There are many opportunities on campus for students to explore and celebrate culture and identity through programming and events sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and student-run organizations on campus. Events such as the annual empanada sale, Black History Month dinner, and Father & Son: The role of music in Native American culture are just of a few favorites that exist amongst the many celebrations of culture at WPI.

Feel free to explore this site to find out about the many other opportunities students at WPI celebrate and embrace culture. Interested in learning more? Contact Donelle Durham, Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment, at