“Every professor I’ve had thus far was so passionate in what they taught, and they’re always available to meet with their students if questions arise.”

- Breanna, Senior
Biotechnology (pre-med) with a psychology minor
Millbury, MA

How did you adjust to college life at WPI?

Coming into college, I knew that every other freshman was in my shoes.

WPI has a wonderful orientation program called Insight that is run by upper-class students as well as Emily Perlow, associate director of student activities, and Connie Peppes, associate director for first-year programs. Upon moving into school and up until classes begin, roughly four days, the students are fully engaged in the Insight program. The orientation leaders, known as community advisors at WPI, are given a group of students who they are in charge of during orientation as well as the first semester. Their job is to pump up the students and get them ready for the school year. They are also charged with completing an activity once a week with the students for the first semester. The community advisors are the ones who literally break the ice for those in their group. It’s quite amazing; some of my best friends from college were in my Insight group.

What has the coursework been like in your classes?

First off, WPI’s quarter system puts the pressure on every student. I always tell each applicant I talk to that if you have good time management skills, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to excel at WPI. The system is one-of-a-kind, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Coming to school, there wasn’t much of an adjustment for me. I took mostly AP courses throughout high school and organization and time management are two of my fortes. If you don’t procrastinate and stay true to your professor’s expectations, you’ll have plenty of time to get involved in organizations and have a good a social life on campus.

What do you think about the faculty, staff, and advisors?

The faculty, staff, and the advisors are all amazing. Each of them is here to see each of their students succeed and they are willing to do everything in their power to assist their student to make that happen. Every professor I’ve had thus far was so passionate in what they taught, and they’re always available to meet with their students if questions arise. They make an effort of getting to know their students as individuals, not as a class.

What do you like best about WPI?

I love the tight-knit community the school has to offer. Everyone, both students and faculty, are very friendly and want to see everyone succeed. Being so involved on campus, I can’t turn a corner without smiling or saying hi to someone I know. It’s a good feeling.

Student Facts

Name: Breanna
Major: Biotechnology (pre-med) with a psychology minor
Hometown: Millbury, MA
Favorite Activity: Working in the admissions office. I also really loved being a community advisor.
Favorite Hangouts: The Campus Center. There’s always someone in there that I know, and it’s nice to always see a familiar face.
Best Eats: The Goat’s Head Pub. For off-campus dining, The Boynton on Highland Street.
Favorite Event: There are many campus-wide events throughout the school year, but homecoming definitely tops them all.
Travel: The majority of the students, who live on and within a three-block radius of campus, walk to classes and events. I commute from a nearby town, and obviously have to drive to campus.
Career Aspirations: I plan to attend medical school and become a specialist in either oncology or cardiology.

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