“ The students are not overly competitive and are willing to give a helping hand to anyone who needs help. ”

- Julian, Junior
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Physics

Why did you choose WPI?

I chose WPI because after looking into the school, I found that it had many programs I’m interested in. I decided to check out the school even further and went to the Frontiers summer program. After a great Frontiers experience, I knew that WPI would be my top choice. Another reason I chose this school is the schedule. The schedule works in terms where you only take three classes for seven weeks. One semester consists of two terms.

Do you participate in any activities or organizations?

I played water polo during high school so I decided to play water polo here as well. I also am a member of the Student Alumni Society, which is involved with many of the school traditions. Although I thought I would never go Greek, I decided to join the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. There are plenty of other clubs and organizations to join for anyone who is interested.

What are the students like at WPI?

Many of the students are fun to hang around with as well as very smart, for example, I have a roommate that built a portable Nintendo 64. The students are not overly competitive and are willing to give a helping hand to anyone needs help. No one is here to hurt your grades.

What has the coursework been like in your classes?

The coursework is challenging and rigorous. However, most people work in groups and help each other out, which helps to make most of the work easier to do and understand. Exams overall are fair and cover what has been taught in class. The best approach to all classes is not to procrastinate. Although you are only taking three classes, you only have seven weeks. It is not easy to catch up if you are behind.

Why should other students attend WPI?

Other students should select this school for many reasons. The seven-week schedule is great since it helps you concentrate on only three classes. The academics are excellent. I have had great professors and have learned a lot from many of the classes I have taken. There are many clubs and activities to join. There will always be a club that will appeal to you. The students are fun and helpful.

Student Facts

Name: Julian
Major: Electrical and computer engineering and physics
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Favorite Activity: Hanging around the dorms and fraternity, Student Alumni Society, and water polo.
Favorite Hangouts: The Campus Center and the Goat’s Head Restaurant.
Best Eats: Shack Pizza at the Campus Center.
Favorite Event: Homecoming
Favorite Tradition: Trying to steal the Goat’s Head Trophy.
Travel: Most of my friends travel by car since they live nearby or have their cars on campus.
Career Aspirations: I want to be an electrical engineer working with communications and networks.

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