Information for Alumni Volunteers

Welcome to the WPI Alumni Admissions website. Here you will find a variety of information to help you assist your alma mater in a most important mission - the recruitment of the best and brightest high school seniors from around the country and the world!

Thank you to those of you who signed up to assist with college fairs and evening information sessions this past year. Your help is invaluable and allows us to communicate with those students that our staff could not have reached otherwise! 

In the coming months, we will be reaching out for volunteers to assist with Admitted Student Receptions and other forms of outreach. Alumni can provide some of the best feedback during this tough decision making period. Those of you who have been out of touch with us for a while may want to check out the Opportunities for Alumni Admission Volunteers, as they have changed in recent months.

We have received a record  number of applicants for the Class of 2017 with more than 8,500 applications. This is an increase of 9% from last year! We are thrilled with high caliber of budding scientists, mathematicians, and engineers that have expressed interest in WPI.

We welcome your suggestions and comments about anything we can add to the site. Please contact us anytime and thanks for your interest!

Emily Cox
Phone: 508-831-5286 or email:

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