College Fairs

Every year WPI receives several hundred invitations to participate in college fairs. These events give students an opportunity to receive information from any number of colleges. As we cannot of course cover every program we're invited to, we attempt to attend only those fairs where there will be students interested in WPI.

Most fairs are held in a gymnasium setting where each college is assigned a table. Students and parents walk by the tables and stop and ask questions, and usually will fill out a card for more information. Two weeks to one week before the fair you will receive directions to the program, along with materials to display and hand out.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Arrive 30 minutes early: This will give you ample time to register and set up your WPI materials.
  • Display all material you receive on your assigned table. You should display all materials in the package. Be sure to bring Scotch tape to attach your WPI poster to the front ledge of the table.
  • Have all students who are interested in WPI fill out an inquiry card. This will place all students on our mailing list. Within two weeks after our office receives those cards, the student will receive a variety of admissions mailings.
  • Wear your name tag. This will allow students to have a personal contact.
  • Give your business card to students whom you believe are truly interested in WPI with whom you would like contact you if they have further questions.
  • At the end of the evening, if possible, thank the guidance counselor hosting the fair for a productive event.
  • Fill out an evaluation of the fair (see below for the form) and return it with the inquiry cards to the Admissions Office.
  • Follow up with students who asked questions you did not know.


  • Be late.
  • Say anything negative about other colleges.
  • Guess the answer to a question you do not know.
  • Leave early.
  • Spend the entire evening sitting behind your table. Standing gives a better impression as it makes you appear more eager to speak with students.
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Evaluation Form

Once you've participated in a fair, fill out this Evaluation Form.