Parent Phonathon Instructions

Directions for regular decision parent phonathon

Spring 2009

All calls should be completed by April 25, 2009 at the latest. This is important because students only have until the first couple of days in May to pay the $500 deposit that reserves their place in the class. Hopefully your phone call will get families excited about the possibility of enrolling at WPI. If you end up talking to the student in addition to the parent, that is fine! But parents are the priority here.

The calling sheet you received has the name of the student, not the parent's name. So when you call the student’s home, you need to ask to speak with “Mr. or Mrs. __________.”

Feel free to follow the phone script. This will help the conversation flow. If you just ask if they have any questions the typical response is "no."

Please offer to leave your phone number (or e mail address) with the parent if they think of additional questions.

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