Alumni Phonathons

Types of Phonathons

Early Round Phonathon (March 2008)

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Regular Decision Parent Phonathon

In April, alumni volunteers will receive the names of parents of students who were admitted under our Regular Decision plan. Parents play a key role in their children's college search. Your call will give them the opportunity to ask you specific questions about WPI. The fact that you can speak about how your education has impacted your career and family will help the student decide about the college they'll attend. A phone script will be sent to the alum.

DO's and DON'T's


  • Complete the parent conversation evaluation forms on-line.
  • Offer to be a resource for them to follow up with questions (within reason, of course.)
  • Follow up with Mike Smith in Admissions if there are questions you cannot answer.


  • Say anything to put down another college.
  • Promise to get back to them - and then forget to!
  • Give out information about which you're uncertain.


Once you've placed your calls/e-mails, you can use the forms below to report back to Admissions:

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