2010 Grogan Award Recipient

Yi Hua (Ed) Ma

Ed Ma, you are a leader on the WPI campus and an inspiration to the students who seek your knowledge and guidance.

For four decades, you have made the study and teaching of chemical engineering your mission. You first joined the WPI faculty in 1967, served as Chemical Engineering department head for 10 years, and later were appointed the James H. Manning Professor of Chemical Engineering. 

You have long been a supporter of WPI's innovative project-based curriculum. You were an associate professor when the WPI Plan was instituted and, in 1971, you served as resident advisor at WPI's first off-campus Internship Center, located at the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories. You and Professor John Zeugner founded the Bangkok Project Center and the Hong Kong Project Center. You were one of the first Hong Kong Project Center directors. The hallmark of the WPI experience, you exemplify the importance of marrying theory with practice. You exemplify the importance of marrying theory with practice, the hallmark of the WPI experience.

You founded the university's Center for Inorganic Membrane Studies. The results of your research on adsorption and diffusion, inorganic materials and membranes, and membrane reactors have appeared in more than 100 scholarly publications and have resulted in six patents. You also led the development of a novel chemical reactor that uses an ultra-thin palladium membrane to significantly reduce the cost of generating pure hydrogen for fuel cells.

You have received a number of awards for your work, including the WPI Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship, the NASA Space Act Award, and the Institute Award for Excellence in Industrial Gases Technology from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), one of the Institute's most prestigious honors. The Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers published its May 2009 issue in your honor, recognizing your 40 years of scientific and professional achievement in the field of inorganic membranes. You became a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 1999.

Ed Ma, your work adds prestige and honor to the WPI academic community. We are pleased to present you with the William R. Grogan Award for Support of the Mission of WPI.

June 8, 2010