WPI Humanitarian Leadership Award: 2010 Recipient

Sang Ki Lee '60

Sang Ki Lee, you have never taken kindness for granted. When you came to America from Korea as a young man, Spencer Miller Jr., son of Dr. Spencer Miller Sr., Class of 1879, introduced you to WPI and made it possible for you to pursue your dreams with the help of a WPI alumni scholarship. Throughout the last decade, you have made it your mission to give back, helping improve the lives of others around the world through education.

As a patent attorney, you had a distinguished career in the world of engineering and business, with positions at AT&T, IT&T, and Motorola. But that was just the beginning.

In retirement you found yourself just as busy as before. Drawing on your passion for the law and for helping others achieve their dreams, you helped found the Handong International Law School in South Korea, as part of Handong Global University. As a law professor and associate dean, you trained law students as lawyers and missionaries to promote economic development, human rights, and religious freedom as "lawyers without borders." Since you retired, you've maintained close ties with the law school as an adjunct faculty member, and as the advisor on global education.

Through your hard work, Handong graduates are making their mark on the world. Alumni of the school work for law firms in Korea and the United States, at Korean government agencies, major corporations, and nonprofit organizations, and in the justice system. They protect the rights of children and the poor, and work to create social change. They are making a difference in the world, and it's due to your guidance and foresight.

For the past five years, you have also worked to help establish Christian schools, as well as to foster relationships between Handong Global University and Cambodian universities. You have promoted the exchange of faculty and students. You have helped local non-governmental organizations to improve educational opportunities for the poor, and campaigned for better farming and socio-economic development throughout Cambodia.

You have also given a great deal of your time and energy to WPI, volunteering for Reunion and connecting with alumni through the New Jersey and Chicago chapters. Your generosity has made you a member of the President's Advisory Council and the Alden Society.

Sang Ki Lee, you were given an opportunity that changed your life—a chance to get a college education. Since then, you've returned the gesture many times over. In recognition of your efforts to create positive change in the world and improve the lives of others, we proudly present you with the WPI Humanitarian Leadership Award.

June 8, 2010