Student Activities

At WPI it's easy to get involved and quickly become a part of the community. We have something for everyone. If you're interested in sports, there are club, intramural, and varsity athletic teams. If it's Greek Life that interests you, join one of our 16 fraternities or sororities. If the arts are where your heart lies, join a musical or theater ensemble. To meet people who share your same cultural background or beliefs, join one of our many international organizations or religious groups. At WPI it's all about a sense of community without conformity.

For questions concerning Student Activities, please contact Student Activities at +1-508-831-5291 or Fax +1-508-831-6762 or by Email at

Rubin Campus Center

The Rubin Campus Center is the main hub of activity at WPI and provides a link between the academic and social aspects of life on WPI's campus. With several dining options, a game room, TV viewing areas, and offices for Student Activities, the Social Committee, and the Interfraternity Council, among others, the Rubin Campus Center is at the crossroads of community life at WPI.  Learn more about all the offices and activities that originate from the Rubin Campus Center.

For questions concerning Rubin Campus Center, please contact Rubin Campus Center at +1-508-831-6806 or Fax +1-508-831-6352 or by Email at

Clubs and Activities

With nearly 200 student groups, activities, and teams, there is something at WPI for everyone. If you don't find what you like, start an organization of your own. Visit the Student Activities website for more information. 

Community Service

WPI encourages all its community members to participate in volunteering and community service.  The Student Activities office makes volunteering easy by providing many opportunities to get involved in the greater community. Visit the Office of Student Activities for more information.

Greek Life

Roughly 30 percent of WPI students are members of the 16 fraternities and sororities on campus. Greek Life provides students with real-world experience that they can take with them into their professional careers. Members of fraternities and sororities are given opportunities to assume various leadership roles, from programming and recruiting, to house- and money management. They not only make friendships that last a lifetime, but also learn how to work with many diverse people toward a common goal—the growth and management of their chapter. Learn more on the Greek Life Programs website.

Leadership Programs

Many WPI students are accustomed to leading —many have done it all their lives. From leading classroom discussions, to leading their teams on the playing field, to leading the way on cutting-edge research, many of our students have excelled at providing direction for their peers. WPI recognizes this leadership ability in our students and provides programming to nurture new leaders and help existing leaders grow their skill set. Learn more about our title="Leadership Programs">Leadership Programs.

Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) at WPI acts as the voice for the undergraduate student body, and encourages open communication between students and the WPI community. The SGA's mission is to improve the quality of student life at the university, both academically and socially, by addressing student needs and concerns, providing financial structure for WPI's student clubs and organizations, and representing the student body in a professional manner. Visit the SGA website for more information.

Graduate Student Government

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the governing body of the graduate student population at WPI. Our slogan is "Promoting Graduate Life", and we fulfill this mission by being an effective graduate student voice, communicating with faculty and administration, and providing academic and social functions for new and existing graduate students. Visit the GSG website for more information.

TechSync is here!

TechSync is a web application that allows students to join, organize, manage and communicate with other WPI students. Through TechSync, you can find out what’s happening on campus and connect with club and organization members.

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