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Philip N. Clay 

Dean of Students

Philip Clay serves as the chief student affairs officer for the university and is responsible for the oversight and delivery of student services to over 4,300 full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Harold Resington

Information Analyst
Harold Resington serves as an Information Analyst for the Division of Student Affairs & Campus Life.

Bernice Lisk

Executive Assistant
Bernice Lisk is the Executive Assistant for the Division of Student Affairs & Campus Life.

The staff of the Division of Student Affairs & Campus Life is dedicated to serving the needs of our diverse student population. We are active partners in the educational process, both inside and outside the classroom, providing services, programs, and support for all WPI students. We have many resources available to meet your unique needs.

The Division of Student Affairs & Campus Life includes the departments listed below. We look forward to helping you make the most out of your time at WPI.

Department Phone Email
Alcohol Education  +1-508-831-5540
Bookstore  +1-508-831-5247
Campus Center          +1-508-831-6806
Collegiate Religious Center  +1-508-831-4174
Community Service      +1-508-831-5291
Dean of Students      +1-508-831-5201
Dining Services  +1-508-831-5253
Disability Services  +1-508-831-4908
ESL (English as a Second Language)  +1-508-831-6033
Events Office  +1-508-831-5613
Greek Life  +1-508-831-5291
Health Center  +1-508-831-5520
ID Services  +1-508-831-5645
International Students & Scholars      +1-508-831-6030
Residential Services  +1-508-831-5645
Student Activities  +1-508-831-5291
Student Development & Counseling Center  +1-508-831-5540
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