Natalie A. Mello Named Director of Global Operations at WPI

Contact: Arlie Corday, WPI Media & Community Relations

WORCESTER, Mass. - Natalie A. Mello of Paxton, Mass., has been named Worcester Polytechnic Institute's director of global operations. She joins the dean, associate dean and director of programs and planning to form WPI's Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division (IGSD) leadership team for operational matters. She will oversee and manage the division and the operation of all Global Project Centers, as well as serving as the IGSD public information officer.

"The Global Perspective Program at WPI has seen unbelievable growth in the past three years in terms of student interest and participation," Mello said. "It is very exciting to be part of an institution that values educational goals beyond the academic. This year WPI will be sending more than 350 students away to global sites to complete a degree requirement that traditionally has occurred on campus. It is tremendously rewarding to be part of such a great experience for the students - an experience where they learn more about their chosen disciplines, more about the world they live in, and perhaps most importantly, more about themselves."

Mello received a 1995 master of liberal arts degree and a 1993 graduate certificate in English as a second language from Clark University and a 1984 B.A. from Connecticut College. She has worked in the IGSD since 1997, where she implemented the Global Ambassador Program, has overseen the Global Opportunities Fair, and has helped to expand the Global Perspective participation among WPI students.

WPI, founded in 1865, is renowned for its project-based curriculum. Under the WPI Plan, students integrate classroom studies with research projects conducted on campus and around the world.