Students Win Awards from Society of Manufacturing Engineers at WPI

Contact: Arlie Corday, WPI Media & Community Relations

WORCESTER, Mass. - Worcester Polytechnic Institute hosted the 1999 Student Awards Night for the Worcester chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Nov. 22. The following three students have won Chapter 25 SME Outstanding Student Awards, which included a $50 stipend.

  • Eugene Campbell, a junior manufacturing engineering major at WPI and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Campbell of Bethel, Vt.
  • Rebecca K. Dowd, a sophomore mechanical engineering major at WPI and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dowd of Dunstable, Mass.
  • Serif Serefli, a senior manufacturing engineering major at WPI and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Selcuk Serefli of Istanbul, Turkey.

WPI Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Christopher A. Brown served as the guest speaker, presenting a program titled "Manufacturing Engineering Education at WPI, Past, Present and Future." In addition, a team of two WPI students, Michael Bruno, a senior manufacturing engineering major from Bristol, N.H., and Luis Velasquez, a senior mechanical engineering major from Haverhill, Mass., made a presentation of their Major Qualifying Project, "Redesign of the Robotic Arm."

WPI, founded in 1985, originally prepared manufacturing engineers to work in its Washburn Shops. However, as a degree program, manufacturing engineering is a relatively recent development. Brown noted that WPI had one of the first accredited manufacturing degree programs in the country and awarded some of the United States' first doctoral degrees in manufacturing engineering.

WPI offers four manufacturing engineering degrees: bachelor's, master of science, master of engineering and doctor of philosophy. Brown, who has taught at WPI for more than 10 years, gave an overview of the WPI program, courses and degree requirements. WPI is renowned for its project-based curriculum. Under the WPI Plan, students integrate classroom studies with research projects conducted on campus and around the world.