WPI Receives National Recognition for Exemplary Use of Networked Technology

EDUCAUSE Cites University's Continuing Innovation

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EDUCAUSE 2001: Representatives from WPI are joined by Brian Hawkins, EDUCAUSE President (far left) and David Browser, Manager of Academic Sales for Novell (far right). From left to right, WPI representatives are: Amy L. Marr, Manager of Web Development; Lisa Isleb, Manager of Educational Technology Services; Joseph Kalinowski, Sr. Systems Administrator; Sia Najafi, Manager of Academic Computing; Sean O'Connor, Manager of Network Operations; Thomas J. Lynch III, Vice President of Information Technology; Pennie S. Turgeon, Director of Advanced Distance Learning Network and Instructional Media Center; and Judith Miller, Director of the Center for Educational Development, Technology, and Assessment.
Worcester, MA -- Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been recognized by EDUCAUSE for its excellence in campus networking. This prestigious, nine-year-old award program honors strategic, integrated, and innovative use of networked technologies to serve all campus constituents.

WPI was selected for honorable mention because of its strategically coordinated and integrated network environment, which was the result of major organizational commitment and a solid 10-year plan. A crucial step toward WPI's success was the consolidation of all core information and technology functions-including the library, web services, and distance learning-into a new Information Technology Division headed by Vice President for Information Technology, Dr. Thomas Lynch. Infrastructure upgrades, wireless access, media-streaming capabilities, and digital conversion facilities are all part of the well-orchestrated technological advances over the past two years that have enabled advances in teaching, learning, and research across the institute. "The WPI community continues to view our technology infrastructure as a strategic resource. Our shared vision throughout has been to unite the power of knowledge with the flexibility of technology to connect faculty, staff, students and content - anytime, anyplace," said Lynch. "We are honored by the recognition and affirmation of our strategy from EDUCAUSE."

WPI's learning and information portal, myWPI, brings together information resources, course content for almost 50 percent of WPI's courses, and a rich suite of collaboration tools to enhance the learning and information needs of WPI's 3,800 students as well as its employees, alumni, and various other constituents. Internet2 applications and the recent acquisition of an IBM supercomputer support work on new forms of spacecraft propulsion, enhanced web performance and data mining, and a host of other research areas requiring computational modeling. WPI's project-based, technology-enabled curriculum; solid faculty support mechanisms; integrated library and educational technology services; and effective community education and outreach collaborations make it an aggressive leader in technology.

Founded in 1865, WPI is a pioneer in technological higher education. Early on, it developed an influential curriculum that balanced theory and application. Since 1970, that philosophy has been embodied in an innovative outcomes-oriented undergraduate program. With a network of project centers that spans the globe, the university is also the leader in globalizing technological education.

With membership of more than 1,800 colleges, universities, and education organizations, including more than 180 corporations, EDUCAUSE is one of the preeminent associations addressing the complex issues that attend the incorporation of information technologies and resources into the higher education mission and functions. The association has offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington, D.C.

Recognition activities will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 30 at the EDUCAUSE annual conference. The Award for Excellence in Campus Networking is sponsored by Novell, Inc., an EDUCAUSE corporate member and Bronze Partner. Award winners are selected by the EDUCAUSE Network Award Committee, consisting of higher education technology professionals chosen for their breadth of experience in the implementation of campus networking initiatives. Descriptions of the awards and winners, including URLs for further information, are on the EDUCAUSE web site at http://www.educause.edu/awards/.

Awards Video

As part of the awards presentation at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, EDUCAUSE produced a video highlighting the award recipients' achievements.

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