IPG Gift Establishes New Photonics Laboratory at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Contact: WPI Media Relations, 508-831-5616

Worcester, MA -IPG Photonics Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance fiber lasers and amplifiers will give $360,000 to establish the IPG Photonics Laboratory in the Physics Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI.) The laboratory will be dedicated on December 14.

"WPI faculty and students, and IPG scientists will utilize this resource for research and student projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels," said Thomas H. Keil, Professor and head of the University's Physics Department. "This university/corporate relationship gives the WPI Physics faculty great opportunities to develop new laboratory modules activities in the areas of classical optics, diode lasers, fiber optics and interferometry."

"IPG Photonics recognizes the outstanding work of WPI faculty and students," said Dr. Valentin P. Gapontsev, founder and Chief Executive Officer of IPG Photonics. "We are pleased to create this academic partnership with WPI, building photonics expertise and expanding the horizons of WPI students preparing for advanced scientific and technical careers."

IPG and WPI's Physics Department recognized the need for greater photonics research, given the burgeoning job market in photonics and the University's strength in optics-related sciences. Professors Grover A. Swartzlander, Lok C. Lew Yan Voon and Richard S. Quimby worked with IPG to design opportunities for the University/corporate partnership.

The professors proposed several initiatives, including the formation of a Photonics Advisory Board, bringing together corporate photonics experts and WPI faculty.

The new IPG Photonics Lab was created in WPI's Olin Hall. The rewired and remodeled space is now furnished with critical, state-of-the-art optical and electronic equipment, computers, optical components, and laser safety devices.

"Photonics is the technology of generating and harnessing light. The science includes light emission, transmission, amplification and detection by lasers, fiber optics and electro-optical instrumentation," explained Professor Keil "The range of applications of photonics extends across several fields: energy generation, detection, medical technology, communications and of course information processing."

About IPG

For over ten years, IPG Photonics has been a leading global designer and manufacturer of high performance fiber amplifiers, Raman pump lasers and fiber lasers for telecommunications, materials processing and test and measurement applications.

IPG's proprietary technology, materials science expertise and vertically integrated manufacturing operations enable 'IPG to produce cost-effective, high and low power fiber amplifiers and lasers with substantial power efficiency, and improved noise performance, reliability and quality. IPG's world headquarters are in Oxford, Massachusetts. The company also has manufacturing facilities in California, Germany, Russia and Italy, and sales offices in the United Kingdom and India. For more information on IPG's products and IPG, visit http://www.ipgphotonics.com

About WPI

WPI is a pioneer in technological higher education, and is recognized as providing one of the world's leading outcomes-oriented undergraduate programs preparing people for success in our technological world. Since its founding in 1865, WPI has broadened and perfected a curriculum that balances theory and practice. This innovative and unique combination of educational methods, learning environment and a worldwide network of project centersis located in Worcester, Massachusetts. WPI supports the academic and research pursuits of over 2,500 students and 200 faculty pursuing opportunities to blend technological research and practice with societal needs, delivering meaningful real-world benefits.

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WHO: WPI and IPG Photonics
WHAT: Dedication of the IPG Photonics Laboratory, Physics Department, WPI
WHEN: Friday, December 14, 2001 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon
WHERE: Olin Hall, WPI Campus, Worcester, Massachusetts
INFO: 508-831-5616, or media@wpi.edu