Nypro Joins the WPI Bioengineering Institute

Corporate-Academic Partnership to Speed the Development of Medical Devices

Contact: WPI Media Relations, +1-508-831-5706

WORCESTER, Mass. - Nypro Inc., a global provider of precision plastics injection molding and related manufacturing solutions, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) today announced that the company has agreed to become a premier member of the university’s Bioengineering Institute (BEI).

The corporate-academic partnership will help the Clinton, Mass., based company’s Medical Products Group stay abreast of medical technology developments so that it can develop products more quickly and more efficiently. It will enable Nypro to explore new ideas and technologies in collaboration with WPI’s faculty and students. Through BEI, Nypro will have access to medical technology expertise at WPI and BEI’s other partnering universities, such as the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Nypro will also gain access to the early-stage technology development of small BEI member companies. Likewise, small BEI member companies will have access to one of the world’s largest plastics injection molding companies, which has a strong focus on medical products.

"We are pleased to open this new partnership with WPI," said Brian S. Jones, Nypro president and chief executive officer. "Our activities with WPI date back several decades, including Nypro’s Leadership Institute, WPI’s MBA and Continued Learning programs, and involvement with the Nypro Institute and our distance learning provider, www.nyproonline.com. Our membership in BEI furthers a longtime and very productive relationship. We are very excited about working with WPI on bioengineering breakthroughs that will improve the lives of people."

Randy S. Barko, president and chief executive officer of Nypro Medical Products, pointed out that Nypro’s medical product development strengths always have been centered in Clinton, Mass., and that Nypro’s new $13 million Tech Center in Clinton will be very involved with BEI. "The Medical Products Group looks to partner with the other members of BEI to bring new products and technology to the marketplace," he added.

Nypro joins a list of more than 20 companies and organizations that have become members and partners of BEI since it was formed in 2002, including ECI Biotech, the institute’s other premier member. As a group, BEI and its members form a regionalized infrastructure for design, engineering, finance, management, manufacturing and marketing.

"WPI is the nucleus for an emerging medical device cluster in central Massachusetts," said Dennis D. Berkey, president of WPI. "WPI has long had a relationship with Nypro, but with the Bioengineering Institute we can truly leverage the university’s resources to help them be much more competitive in their research, product development and manufacturing."

BEI is dedicated to creating life science-based products by commercializing the results of academic research. It does this by creating close working relationships between academic scientists and engineers, and medical technology companies to create new biomedical products for less than the cost of traditional corporate research and development. The institute has established four centers, each with a bioengineering focus, to deliver many potential applications. They are the Center for Bioprocessing and Tissue Engineering, the Center for Comparative Neuroimaging, the Center for Molecular Engineering and the Center for Untethered Healthcare. Currently, 25 research scientists, postgraduate and graduate-level researchers, and support staff work at BEI.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. James P. McGovern (D-MA) were instrumental in securing federal support to help establish BEI and its vision of being a promoter of job creation and economic vitality.

"This partnership is a concrete example of why I and many others strongly believed that creating the WPI Bioengineering Institute was so important," noted Rep. McGovern. "BEI can provide resources to make local companies like Nypro more competitive in a global economy, which in turn provides the region’s residents with jobs that have a future."

To learn more about BEI and partnership opportunities, visit www.wpi.edu/+bei or contact BEI’s director, Timothy R. Gerrity, at 508-831-0926.

About Nypro

Nypro Inc., one of the 25 largest employee-owned U.S. companies, is the leading global provider of precision injection molding, design and engineering services and related manufacturing solutions. Established in 1955, Nypro has more than 12,000 employees and 1,300 molding machines at 60 sites in 17 countries worldwide. With a strategic focus on the healthcare industry, the Nypro Medical Products Group targets emerging innovative technologies by developing proprietary products and services and leveraging Nypro’s technical and process capabilities to better serve the world’s leaders in the healthcare market.

About the WPI Bioengineering Institute

The WPI Bioengineering Institute (BEI) was founded in 2002 to stimulate job creation and economic prosperity in the region by providing innovative ways to convert research discoveries into new products and new companies. In addition, BEI helps technology companies conduct cost-effective research and development by making available the innovative intellectual resources of WPI’s faculty and students.

BEI focuses on applied research as well as product development and commercialization through a network of universities, hospitals, research organizations, and technology companies. BEI is based at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., and draws from WPI’s expertise in biosensing, wireless communication, bioimaging, bioprocessing, tissue engineering, information technology, and much more.