May 5, 2005

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@WPI Summer Schedule

The May 19 issue will be the last biweekly issue for the academic year. @WPI will be published on June 9, July 7, and August 4 to keep the campus community up to date on events during the summer. We encourage you to use @WPI to inform the campus community about people, programs, and events that are open to everyone on campus. Mail articles and suggestions to @WPI, Boynton Hall, or e-mail

Senator Kennedy to Speak a Inauguration

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D., Mass.) will deliver the keynote address at the inauguration of President Dennis Berkey on May 20. The ceremony will begin at 2:30 p.m. on the Quadrangle (rain location, Harrington Auditorium). WPI will present Kennedy with the Presidential Medal, the university's highest honor, which was established to recognize individuals who represent the ideal of the "technological humanist," a notion that has been at the heart of WPI's approach to education since its founding in 1865.

"Senator Kennedy has consistently raised his voice in support of university research and education," Berkey says, "and has fought to keep Massachusetts a leader in the biosciences and technology fields. As an advocate for science and technology education, he has no peer."

President Berkey's inauguration will be part of a busy weekend that will also see the university present diplomas to about 700 graduates at its 137th Commencement exercises. (See page 6 for a complete schedule of events.) More information about the inaugural ceremony, the traditions associated with the inauguration of WPI presidents, and President Berkey may be found online at inauguration.

Grant Will Help Build Links to South Africa

WPI will receive a $197,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education through its Business and International Education Program, to fund a three-part project aimed at improving understanding of South Africa and its economy, enabling WPI students to study in South Africa, and strengthening the involvement of New England companies in that country.

The grant was announced recently by Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry and Representative Jim McGovern. The project, to be led by Arthur Gerstenfeld, professor of management, includes components dedicated to increasing the knowledge of area faculty and students and the business community about business and culture in South Africa. Read the full news release at

FPE Now an Academic Department

WPI's internationally recognized Fire Protection Engineering Program has been elevated to the status of a full academic department, according to Carol Simpson, provost and senior vice president. FPE has been an academic program since 1979, when WPI began offering the nation's first master's degree program in the field through its Center for Firesafety Studies. Simpson also announced that Kathy A. Notarianni, former director of the Center for Firesafety Studies, has been appointed head of the new department and named to the WPI faculty as a tenured associate professor of fire protection engineering.

Engineering Program for Girls Honored

Diversity and Women's Programs received the National Engineers Week Award from WEPAN (Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network) for significant contributions to Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Girl Day, as it is commonly known, is a national program aimed at encouraging young girls in the pursuit of science, math, and engineering. WEPAN is a founding partner of Girl Day. WPI is an institutional member of WEPAN.

Isa Bar-On, professor of mechanical engineering, accepted the award at the annual WEPAN conference in Las Vegas on behalf of WPI and Stephanie Blaisdell, director of Diversity and Women's Programs.

Mass Academy to Graduate 43 on May 13

The member of the 2005 graduating class of the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science of WPI-43 seniors in all-will receive their diplomas in a ceremony on Friday, May 13, at 5 p.m. in Alden Memorial. Members of the WPI community are invited; a reception will follow.


Best of the Best Honored at Convocation

Five distinguished members of the university's academic community were recognized at the annual Faculty Honors Convocation on April 26:

Faculty, Students Receive Sigma Xi Awards

At the Honors Convocation on April 26, the annual Sigma Xi Awards were presented in recognition of outstanding research at WPI:

Community Service Awards Presented

At a ceremony on April 18, WPI's Community Service and Student Activities offices presented the annual awards for service to the WPI and local communities to 40 students and two student organizations.

The Edwin B. Coghlin '23 Award for Community Service goes to students or organizations that have made valuable contributions to WPI and the Worcester community. The recipients:

The Crimson and Gray Award recognizes exceptional and sustained involvement in campus life and service to WPI. The winners:

Outstanding Women Awards Presented

WPI's Office of Academic Advising has presented the 2005 Outstanding Women Student Awards. This year the Marietta E. Anderson Award was presented to Venera Varbanova '07; the Ellen Knott Award went to Kerri George '07 and Jillian Wise '07; the Gertrude R. Rugg Award went to Akanksha Sharma '08 and Anita Minakyan '08; and the Bonnie-Blanche Schoonover Award was presented to Laura Amodeo '06 and Anne St. Martin '06.

Swimmer Achieves All-America Status

Sophomore Joel Rousseau recently became only the second male WPI swimmer to achieve All-America status; the first, George Bliss Emerson '32, was recognized in 1931 when he finished eighth nationally in the breast stroke. Rousseau finished third in his specialty, the 100-yard butterfly, at the NCAA Division III Nationals at Hope College in Michigan. The third-place finish is believed to be the best by a WPI swimmer in school history. Mary Jane Hall Stimson '81, Anne Marie Kruglewicz '80, and Suzanne Call Margerum '81 achieved All-America status in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Kamen to Join Inventors Hall of Fame

On May 14, Dean Kamen '73, inventor of the world's first portable drug infusion pump, the IBOT personal mobility device, and the Segway Human Transporter, will become the fourth alumnus of WPI to be inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame. Other WPI members are Robert Goddard '08, the father of modern rocketry; Harold Black '21, developer of the principle of negative feedback; and Richard Whitcomb '51, developer of the Area Rule of high-speed aircraft design.

Students Win First Strage Awards

Winners of the first Strage Innovation Awards were announced on April 19. Named for Henry Strage '54, former senior director of McKinsey & Company, the competition encourages entrants (especially students interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity now or in the future) to gain knowledge of and practical experience in the translation of creative ideas into viable projects or ventures.

William Tolli won first prize ($1,500) for his ONE-WIRE wiring harness for custom motorcycles.

Servprise International, a company recently founded by WPI alums Cory Wallenstein and Kevin Menard, won second place ($750); the company owns the patent for a remote reboot device that allows failed computer systems to be rebooted without pulling the plug.

Catherine Darensbourg and Alexandra Levshinwon won third place ($250) for an environmentally friendly disposable cleansing mitt for use by physically challenged individuals that would otherwise require assistance with personal hygiene.

Teaching Technology Fellows Graduate

The graduation ceremony for the Teaching Technology Fellowship program, jointly sponsored by the Academic Affairs and Information Technology divisions, will take place on May 9, noon to 2 p.m., in Salisbury Labs Room 104. The two-year fellowship helps faculty members develop a technology project that addresses a teaching challenge and enhances student learning The program also gives participants a chance to communicate and collaborate with other faculty and staff on the use of instructional technologies.

This year's graduates are Robert Connors, Chemistry and Biochemistry; John Goulet, Mathematical Sciences; H. J. Manzari, Humanities and Arts; Guillermo Salazar, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Ross Shonat, Biomedical Engineering; and Robert Zalosh, Fire Protection Engineering. Learn more at ATC/Training/Fellowship/.

Publications and Presentations

Biomedical Engineering

Branche, P., and Y. Mendelson, "Signal Quality and Power Consumption of a New Prototype Reflectance Pulse Oximeter Sensor," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Johnston, W., and Y. Mendelson, "Extracting Heart Rate Variability from a Wearable Reflectance Pulse Oximeter," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Nagre, A., and Y. Mendelson, "Effects of Motion Artifacts on Pulse Oximeter Readings from Different Facial Regions," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Carey, R., and E. Clancy, "EMG Decomposition Annotation Comparison Method," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Bouzakine, T., R. Carey, G. Taranhike, T. Eder, and R. Shonat, "Distinguishing Between Asthma and Pneumonia Through Automated Lung Sound Analysis," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Holmes, M., D. Dufour, M. Kahan, K. Traynor, and K. Billiar, "A Method for Applying Strip Biaxial Stretch to Cultured Tissues," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Hung, H., C. Chong, A. Steinhart, J. Trexler and K. Billiar, "Design of a Biaxial Test Device for Compliant Tissue," presented at the IEEE 31st annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Chowaniec, M., M. Collins, E. Wilson, G. Bartels, J. Lalikos, R. Dunn, and K. Billiar, "Femur Flap for Tibial Reconstruction: Biomechanical Considerations," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Corcoran, M., H. Zec, C. Sotak, and Y. Mendelson, "A Humidifier for Olfaction Studies During Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging," presented at the 31st annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, Hoboken, N.J., April 2-3, 2005.

Chemical Engineering

Bell, C. H.*, and T. A. Camesano, "The Effects of Centrifugation and Filtration as Pre-treatments in Bacterial Retention Studies," presented at the AIChE Northeast Regional Student Conference, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, April 2, 2005.

Pinzon, P. A.*, K. McElearney*, R. Correia*, A. Durand, M. Léonard, and T. A. Camesano, "Dextran C6 as Surfactant for Oil-In-Water Emulsions: A Drug Delivery Investigation," presented at the AIChE Northeast Regional Student Conference, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, April 2, 2005. (2nd-place winner in poster competition).

*WPI Undergraduate

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fishtik, Ilie, and Ladislav H. Berka, "Procedure for Decomposing a Redox Reaction into Half-Reactions," in Journal of Chemical Education, 2005, 82, 553-557.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brown, D. R., J. A. Slater, and A. E. Emanuel, "A Wireless Differential Protection System for Air-Core Inductors," in the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol.20, no.2, April, 2005, 579-587.

Willems, J. L., J. Ghijselen, and A. E. Emanuel, "The Apparent Power Concept and the IEEE Standard 1459-2000," in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol.20, no.2, April 2005, 876-886.

Emanuel, A. E., "Reflections on the Effective Voltage Concept," in L'Energia Electrica, vol. 81 (Research), 2004, 30-36.

Fire Protection Engineering

Zalosh, R., and N. Weyandt, "Hydrogen Fuel Tank Fire Exposure Burst Test," SAE Paper 2005-01-1886, presented at SAE 2005 World Congress, Detroit, April 2005, published in SAE SP-1939, Fire Safety.

Zalosh, R., and J. Stern-Gottfried, "Buoyant Gas Layer Deflagration Effects," presented at the 39th AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium, Atlanta, Ga., April 11-13, 2005.

Zalosh, R., S. Grossel, R. Kahn, and D. Sliva, "Dust Explosion Scenarios and Case Histories in the CCPS Guidelines for Safe Handling of Powders and Bulk Solids," presented at the 39th AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium, Atlanta, Ga., April 11-13, 2005.

Humanities and Arts

Addison, Bland, "Developing World," "Honor Systems and Codes," and "International Monetary Fund," in Ethics, Revised Edition, edited by John K. Roth (Pasadena: Salem Press, 2004), 375-377, 675-676, 758.

Brattin, Joel J., "Jimi Hendrix: The Man, The Magic, The Truth, by Sharon Lawrence." UniVibes 49 (April 2005), 3.

Quinn, Patrick, "Improving the Technological Literacy of Undergraduates: Identifying the Research Issues," presented at the National Academy of Engineering conference, Washington, D.C., April 18-19, 2005.

Shannon, Thomas, "Ethical and Public Policy Issues in Embryonic Stem Cell Research," presented at the John Fisher II Lecture on Law and Bioethics, University of West Virginia Law School, April 4, 2005.


Seiford, L. M., and Joe Zhu, "A Response to Comments on Modeling Undesirable Factors Efficiency Evaluation," in European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 161, issue 2 (2005), 579-581.

Gregoriou, G. N., K. Sedzro, and Joe Zhu, "Hedge Fund Performance Appraisal Using Data Envelopment Analysis," in European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 164, issue 2 (2005), 555-571.

Cook, W. D., and Joe Zhu, "Building Performance Standards into DEA Structures," in IIE Transactions, vol. 37, issue 3 (2005), 267-275.

Cook, W. D., and Joe Zhu, "Allocation of Shared Costs Among Decision Making Units: A DEA Approach," in Computers & Operations Research, vol. 32, issue 8 (2005), 2171-2178.

Morita, H., K. Hirokawa, and Joe Zhu, "A Slack-Based Measure of Efficiency in Context Dependent Data Envelopment Analysis," in OMEGA, vol. 33, issue 4 (2005), 357-362.

Cook, W. D. and Joe Zhu, "Designing and Modeling Performance Evaluation Issues," Springer Science, 2005.

Gregoriou, G. N., and Joe Zhu, "Evaluating Hedge Fund and CTA Performance: Data Envelopment Analysis Approach," John Wiley & Sons, New York. 2005.

Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science

Gagné, Ken, "Your Country or Your Life," which compares the Jack Benny film To Be or Not to Be with Shakespeare's Hamlet, presented at the Undergraduate Shakespeare Conference at Holy Cross, April 9, 2005.

Mathematical Sciences

Haas, Ruth, David Orden, Gnter Rote, Francisco Santos, Brigitte Servatius, Herman Servatius, Diane Souvaine, Ileana Streinu, and Walter Whiteley, "Planar Minimally Rigid Graphs and Pseudo-Triangulations," in Computational Geometry, vol. 31, issues 1-2, pp 31-61, May 2005.

Servatius, Brigitte, "Rigidity and Global Rigidity," presented at the Geometry-Algebra-Singularities-Combinatorics Seminar, Northeastern University, March 28, 2005.

Servatius, Brigitte, "Rigidity and Global Rigidity of Graphs," presented at Discrete Math Day at Mount Holyoke College, April 16, 2005.

Mechanical Engineering

Brian Savilonis, Hamid Johari, Gretar Tryggvason, David Olinger, John Blandino, "Development of a Unified Thermofluid Curriculum," presented at the 2005 ASEE New England Section Annual Conference, April 8-9, 2005.

Recent Grant

Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science

Salvatelli, Robert, and Rob Traver, for "Siemens Student Fellows," from the Siemens Foundation, $9,570.

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Correcting Our Facts

Joseph Fehribach, associate professor of mathematical sciences, recently received a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for "One Year in WPI Chemical Engineering." Fehribachs' last name was listed incorrectly in the April 21 edition of the newsletter.

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