October 20, 2005

Around Campus

Dean Kamen to Deliver University Lecture

Dean Kamen ‘73, physicist, inventor, and entrepreneur, will deliver the first WPI University Lecture on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 5 p.m. in Alden Memorial. Kamen, who has dedicated his life to developing technologies that help people lead better lives, holds more than 200 U.S. and foreign patents. His inventions include the first wearable drug infusion pump, the iBOT mobility device, and the Segway Human Transporter.

Kamen, who is also the founder of the national FIRST robotics competition, has received numerous awards and accolades, including the National Medal of Technology, the Lemelson-MIT Prize for Invention and Innovation, and induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

The University Lecture brings speakers of national and international importance to campus to enhance scholarly and scientific learning and to stimulate intellectual exchange within the university and Worcester communities.

Dunkin' Donuts Grand Opening

WPI's Dunkin' Donuts cafe will celebrate its grand opening on Oct. 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The celebration will feature prizes, raffles, and coupons for Dunkin' Donut products.

WPI vs. RPI in the Transit Trophy Game

WPI's football rivalry with RPI dates to 1894. In 1979, the teams decided to created a trophy to award each year to the winner. The trophy includes a transit, a surveying instrument, because of its connection to engineering. RPI won the first Transit Trophy game on Oct. 25, 1980, and has brought the trophy home 16 times, in all. WPI has recorded eight wins (the last in 1996); one game ended in a tie.

This year's Transit Trophy game is set for Saturday, Oct. 29, at 11 a.m. on WPI's Alumni Field.


Field Hockey Players Walk for the Cure

Members of WPI's field hockey team joined 10,000 others in the annual Walk to Cure Cancer at the UMass Medical School on Sept. 25. The event raised over $800,000. From left: Sarah Stout, Jenelle Pope, Megan Holmes, Jennifer Castriotta, Mary Kate Toomey, Sarah White, Heather Hassett, Courtney Nowill, and Maggie Elbag.

Faculty, Staff, Students Run for the Glory

The first-place co-ed team. From left, Brian Savilonis, Bland Addison, Jennifer Wilcox, Roger Steele, and Kent Rissmiller. Not pictured: Danielle Cove, Karen Goudey, Dan Green, and Rob Southall.

Twenty-seven WPI faculty and staff members, two students, and one trustee competed in the Cigna HealthCare Corporate 5k Road Race, the largest road race in New Hampshire and the third largest timed race in New England, on Aug. 11. WPI's co-ed team (pictured above) finished first, an improvement over last year's 2nd-place finish. The men's team came in 10th out of 64 finishing teams and the women's team was 36th out of 85 finishing teams.

Men's Team: Bill Baller, Chris Bartley, Declan DePaor, Al Hoffman, Paul Kennedy (trustee), Ron Kruger, Ed Ma, Dave Messier, Patrick Quinn, Rich Rogan, Angel Rivera, David Spanagel, Neil Spellman, Chris Teixeira '06, and Vadim Yakovlev.

Women's Team: Christine Drew, Deb Graves, Yvonne Harris, Linda Looft, graduate student Natalie Pomerantz, and Carol Simpson.

Claypool Receives Best Paper Award

Mark Claypool, associate professor of computer science, received the Best Paper Award at the 4th ACM Network and System Support for Games (Netgames) conference held Oct. 10-11 in Hawthorne, N.Y. The paper, "On the 802.11 Turbulence of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP Hand-held Network Games," was published in the conference proceedings.

Publications and Presentations

Biology and Biotechnology

Shashoua, Victor, and David S. Adams, "Two Peptides, Domains of Calmodulin and Ependymin, Can Enhance Gene Expression of Key Antioxidant Enzymes that Defend Against Neurodegeneration," presented at the annual Conference for Therapeutic Strategies Against Neurodegenerative Conditions, Boston, Oct. 10-11, 2005.

Biomedical Engineering

Balestrini, J., J. Youssef, K.L. Billiar, "Magnitude of equibiaxial stretch modulates fibroblast remodeling of fibrin gels," ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, Vail, Co., June 2005.

Billiar, K.L., "A Completely Challenge-Based Experimental Biomechanics Course," Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting, Baltimore, Md., October 2005.

Chowaniec, M., M. Collins, E. Wilson, L. Valle, G. Bartels, J. Lalikos, R. Dunn, K.L. Billiar, "Femur flap for tibial reconstruction: Biomechanical considerations," Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting, Baltimore, Md., October 2005.

Dresher, R., and Y. Mendelson, "Attachment of A Wearable Skin Reflectance Pulse Oximeter," 2005 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting, Baltimore, Md., Sept. 28-Oct 1, 2005.

Throm, A.M., H.C. Hinds, J. Rulfs, K.L. Billiar, "Effects of substrate stiffness on valvular interstitial cell activation," Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting, Baltimore, Md., October 2005.

Chemical Engineering

Choi, P., N.H. Jalani, R. Datta, "Thermodynamics and Proton Transport in Nafion I. Membrane Swelling, Sorption, and Ion-Exchange Equilibrium," in Journal of Electrochemical Society, 152(3), E84-89, 2005.

Choi, P., N.H. Jalani, R. Datta, "Thermodynamics and Proton Transport in Nafion II. Proton Diffusion Mechanisms and Conductivity," in Journal of Electrochemical Society, 152(3), E123-130, 2005.

Choi, P., N.H. Jalani, R. Datta, "Thermodynamics and Proton Transport in Nafion III. Proton Transport in Nafion/Sulfated ZrO2 Nano-composite Membranes," in Journal Electrochemical Society, 152(8), A1548-1554, 2005.

Fishtik, I., "Phase Stability Relations in Invariant Systems," in Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 12133-12144, 2005.

Fishtik, I, "Thermodynamic Stability of Chemical Species in Multiple Reaction Systems," in Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 3851-3859, 2005.

Jalani, N.H., P. Choi, R. Datta, "TEOM: A Novel Technique for Investigating Sorption in Proton Exchange Membranes," in Journal of Membrane Science, 254 (1-2), 31-38, 2005.

Jalani, N.H., and R. Datta, "The Effect of Equivalent Weight, Temperature, Cationic Forms, Sorbates, and Nanoinorganic Additives on Solvent Sorption of Nafion Membrane," in Journal of Membrane Science, 264 (1-2), 167-175, 2005.

Zhang, J., and R. Datta, "Electrochemical Preferential Oxidation of CO in Reformate," in Journal of Electrochemical Society, 152(6), A1180-87, 2005.

Thampan, T., N.H. Jalani, P. Choi, R. Datta, "Systematic Approach to Design Composite Higher Temperature Proton Exchange Membranes," in Journal of Electrochemical Society, 152 (2), A316-325, 2005.

Zeigarnik, A.V., C. Callaghan, R. Datta, I. Fishtik, E. Shustorovich, "Prediction of Comparative Catalytic Activity in the Series of Single Crystalline Surfaces in a Water-Gas Shift Reaction," in Kinetics and Catalysis, 46,509-515, 2005.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

McNeil, John, "Deep-Submicron CMOS and the New Era of Creativity in Analog Design," invited keynote presentation at the TI Integrated Power Conference, Nashua, N.H., Oct. 3-4, 2005.

Recent Grants

Academic Affairs

Cyr. M., for "Collaborative Research: A Comprehensive Pathway for K-Gray Engineering Education," from the University of California, Berkeley, $66,468.

Chemical Engineering

Thompson, R.*, and J. Gnanaraj*, for "New Electrolytes for Enhanced Low Temperature Li-ion Battery Performance," from Yardnet Technical Products Inc., $24,800.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ray, M., for "Establishment of a Center for Human Impact Protection System," from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, $400,000.

Mallick, R., for "Analysis of Pavement Response Data and Use of Nondestructive Testing for Improving Pavement Design," from the Maine Department of Transportation, $154.893.

Computer Science

Ruiz, C., for "Oncological Data Analysis," from the University of Massachusetts, Worcester, $29,474.

Rudensteiner, E.*, and M. Mani*, for "Automaton Meets Algebra: Towards an XML-Centric Stream Query System," from the National Science Foundation, $360,000.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

King, B.*, and J. McNeill*, for "Graduate Student Support, Curtis Colonero, Lincoln Scholars Program," from MIT, $10,235.

Orr, J., J. Duckworth*, S. Makarov*, D. Cyganski*, and W. Michalson*, for "Precision Indoor/Outdoor Personnel Location System III," from the Department of Justice, $1973,286.

Pedersen, P., for "Development and Testing of Wireless Wearable Ultrasound Scanner," from the Department of the Army, $178,957.

Fire Protection Engineering

Barnett, J., for "Fire Simulator Test Plan," from Battellle, $3,200.

Mathematical Sciences

Nandram, B., for "NCHS Non-response in Small Area Estimation," from the Department of Health and Human Services, $45,825.

Lui, Roger, for "Dynamics of Actin in Normal and Transformed Cells," from the University of Massachusetts, Worcester, $24,735.

Yakovlev, V., for "Advanced Computer Models for Microwave Power Engineering," from the Ferrite Co. Inc., $22,502.

Mechanical Engineering

Backman, D., for "Development of an Accelerated Insertion of Material (AIM) System for an Aluminum 6061 Forged Head Application," from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, $22,874.

Johari, H., for "High-Fidelity Experimentation for Validation and Verification of Computational Modeling of Airdrop Systems," from the Department of Defense, $224,456.

Gatsonis, N., for "Modeling of the Advanced Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster," from the Busek Co., $76,543.


Norbury, John, for "Hadron and Electromagnetic Cross Sections and Transport," from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $97,000.

*Co-principal Investigators

Total September grants and contracts: $3,715,248.

Standard Time Returns Oct. 30

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, Oct. 30. Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour. Learn more about the history of DST at webexhibits.org/daylightsaving.

Computer Tip

Mapping a Network Drive Off-campus

Using Windows XP Professional, you can access data and applications on WPI's network from off-campus. This permits you to use files on your personal or WPI business shares and download academic software.

  1. Change the hostname of your off-campus computer.
  2. Install the Virtual Private Network client.
  3. Connect to the WPI network using the VPN.
  4. Map the network drive using the full server name (i.e., \\admin.wpi.edu\fc\departmentname).

Detailed instructions are available on the CCC's website.

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