February 9, 2006

Around Campus

ECI Biotech Graduate Fellowship

Protein sensor company ECI Biotech Inc. has sponsored a graduate fellowship program in its name at WPI. The ECI Biotech Fellow Program provides tuition support and a stipend over a two-year period for an M.S. student to study in the university's Department of Biology and Biotechnology.

Brett Ericson from Holbrook, Mass., has been selected as the first recipient of the fellowship. Ericson earned his bachelor's degree from WPI in biochemistry in 2003, and is pursuing his master's degree in biotechnology at his alma mater. He will study under the mentorship of Reeta Prusty, WPI assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, in the area of microbial and fungal biology. Prusty is an expert in yeast genetics from the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT.

Ericson's project will focus on the biochemical basis for invasive fungal infections, which is critically important basic research to develop both diagnostic and drug-based therapies. He will also gain a foundation in translating his research from discovery to development and optimized application of methodologies that target the detection and identification of pathogens.

See the World at the Cultural Festival

WPI's annual Cultural Festival will be held on Saturday, Feb. 18, at 1 p. m. in Alden Memorial. The International Student Council sponsors this multicultural family-oriented festival, which includes dance, music, food, calligraphy, martial arts demonstrations, and more. Admission is free. For more information, call 508-831-6030.

Celebrate Black History Month at WPI

WPI’s observance of Black History Month continues with the following programs:

2nd Annual Women of Strength Award

Do you know a female member of the WPI community who demonstrates strength of character, community spirit, and leadership. Do you know someone who serves as a role model and is committed to improving the quality of life for women at WPI? If so, nominate her for the Women of Strength Award.

The award, co-sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, will be given to six women (students, faculty, and staff) to honor their service to the community in the name of women. Award winners will be announced at a reception on March 2. Nominations must be received by Feb. 17. For more information and nomination forms, see the webpage.

WPI Community Luncheon (formerly BWE)

Angela Boris, owner of A Tight Ship, a personal and professional organizing company, will speak on organizing bedrooms, closets, and kitchens at the WPI Community Luncheon at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 15, in the Higgins House Great Hall. A $20 gift certificate to Lowe’s will be given as an attendance prize. The menu is antipasto salad with balsamic vinaigrette, garlic toast, chicken and broccoli in bow tie pasta, basil-cream sauce, glazed carrots, and strawberry shortcake. Payment ($10) should be sent to Judy Shute in the Women’s Programs Office. Make checks payable to WPI.

Men’s Swimming Wins Championship

The WPI men’s swimming and diving team recently won the Paul Parenteau trophy as champions of the Worcester City Meet hosted by Holy Cross. Junior Joel Rousseau was awarded the Justin Ferris Award as the men’s swimmer of the meet. Rousseau won the 100-yard backstroke, 100 freestyle, and 100 butterfly; he established new meet and pool records in the butterfly.


D’Anne Hurd Named Vice President

D’Anne Hurd, a business development and legal affairs executive, joined WPI last month as vice president for business development at Gateway Park and general counsel. Gateway Park is a joint redevelopment project of WPI and the Worcester Business Development Corporation, transforming a former Worcester brownfield into a mixed-use, life sciences-based campus.

Hurd comes to WPI with more than 30 years of senior finance, legal, and business development experience for a wide variety of biotechnology, life sciences, medical, and technology companies with significant experience in strategic planning, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

As part of WPI’s senior leadership team and reporting directly to WPI President Dennis Berkey, Hurd will be responsible for driving the advancement of the Gateway Park project by attracting businesses, tenants, and partners to the site. She will also act as the university’s on-campus counsel for legal matters.

Spotlight on Research

Disabled Find Web Sites Inaccessible

A new study of the Web site home pages of more than 600 corporations, nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies found that fewer than 20 percent are free of basic barriers that make Web pages difficult to navigate for the 54 million Americans with visual, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. The study by Eleanor Loiacono, assistant professor of management at WPI, and Scott McCoy in the School of Business at the College of William & Mary, and published online in the journal Universal Access in the Information Society, found that while federal agency Web sites, which are required by law to be accessible, have the fewest barriers, less than a quarter of such sites fully meet federal Web accessibility requirements. The most critical barriers (for example, not including descriptions of photos for blind users who listen to Web pages with text readers) can be easily fixed, the study noted. Access barriers limit the usefulness of the Web to a consumer group with discretionary income estimated at $175 billion. See the research website for more information.

Giving Virtual Reality the Sense of Touch

Someday, users of virtual reality simulations will be able to not only see and hear a virtual environment, but also feel, smell, and even taste it, thanks to research at WPI. As a first step toward that multi-sensory experience, Robert W. Lindeman, assistant professor of computer science, with colleagues in Japan, has developed technology that can communicate information through the skin, the body's largest sense organ. In a new paper in the scientific journal Virtual Reality, Lindeman describes the development of a vest that can deliver carefully orchestrated patterns of vibrations to the body using miniature wireless vibration devices. The vest can, for example, let soldiers moving through a virtual building feel objects they bump into or make patients in physical therapy aware that they are moving their limbs in an potentially harmful way. May be accessed online.

For more on these stories and other news about research at WPI, visit the research website.

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Shakespeare Comes to the Little Theatre

Masque, the WPI theater organization, and the Humanities and Arts Department will present Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, on Feb. 9, 10 and 11 in the WPI Little Theatre. Performances are at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 for the general public and $3 for WPI students.

M.W. Repertory Theatre Co. will present I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick on Thursday, Feb. 16, through Saturday, Feb. 18, in the WPI Little Theatre. Performances begin at 8 p.m. Admission is $9 for the general public and $4 for students. For more information, call ext. 5946.

I Hate Hamlet is a story of a young actor who is visited by the ghost of Hamlet.

Computer Tip

PowerPoint Presenter’s View

Ever wish during a PowerPoint presentation you could view your speaker notes on your laptop, but project only the slide show? Well, now you can with Presenter View in PowerPoint 2003. In order to do so, you need your Windows settings to be configured properly. First attach the projector cable to your laptop, then right-click the desktop and from the Properties Settings tab, click monitor two, and enable the option to "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor". Once that setting is in place, open your PowerPoint presentation and from the Slide Show menu select Set Up Show. In the bottom right of the dialog box under Multiple Monitors, display the slide show on Monitor 2, then enable the "Show Presenter View." Start your slide show, and you’ll see a new view with easy-to-navigate controls and, more importantly, your speaker notes. For more information, end the show then press function key one (F1) and search for "Presenter View." Select the help topic "Presenter View: Tools for Running a PowerPoint Presentation."

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