October 12, 2007

Around Campus

Robotics Engineering Symposium Oct. 16

WPI will launch its new Robotics Engineering program - the first in the United States - with the "WPI Robotics Symposium: Engineering the Revolution," to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Campus Center Odeum.

Prominent industry experts will address the opportunities and challenges facing the robotics engineering field: Helen Greiner, co-founder and chairman of the board, iRobot Corp., maker of the Roomba floor cleaning robots and military and industrial robots; Dean Kamen '73, president and CEO of DEKA Research and inventor of the Segway Human Transporter and the IBOT Mobility System; Ellen M. Purdy, enterprise director, Department of Defense Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise; and Eric Grimson, Bernard Gordon professor of medical engineering, department head, electrical engineering and computer science, MIT.

As of fall 2007, WPI is offering the nation's first bachelor's degree program in robotics engineering. The new major grows out of an increasing demand for robots and robotics systems to meet national needs in areas such as defense and security, elder care, automation of household tasks, customized manufacturing, and interactive entertainment, and also responds to the escalating interest in robots among young people. This major, which crosses academic boundaries, is designed to prepare a new breed of engineer with the skills and imagination to develop intelligent machines that go beyond today's reality.

Connect-Ed to Bolster Communications

Following the Virginia Tech tragedy last spring, WPI reviewed over the summer the university’s emergency preparedness plan and gave special attention to the campus’s emergency communications system in the event of a major crisis. WPI has contracted with Connect-ED, an externally hosted service of the NTI Group in Sherman Oaks, Calif., to enhance the campus’s emergency communications capabilities.

Janet Begin Richardson, vice president of student affairs and campus life, formed a panel to review communications options. Members chose Connect-Ed to increase the community’s ability to inform students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency. Connect-ED will allow WPI to use multiple, simultaneous communication channels (including email, voicemail, mobile devices, PDAs, and text messaging) that are not dependent on campus technology. Students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to choose preferred communication methods, and provide and maintain their contact information. Connect- ED will be updated daily from our university database, Banner, so that emergency messages will always go to the most up-to-date contact information.

Committee members were Chairman Michael Curley, university compliance officer; Ben Thompson, associate vice president of information technology and associate CIO; Liz Tomaszewski, information systems supervisor; Dave Messier, environmental and occupational safety manager; Brian Lavallee, campus police officer; and Lorraine Urbanski, news writer within the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Physics Society Hosts ‘Fruit Drop’

The laws of physics were tested on Tuesday, Oct. 2 when the Society of Physics Students gathered to observe a Fruit Drop. Professors Germano Iannacchione, Rafael Garcia, Stephan Koehler, and Declan DePaor, who performed as Galileo, Mayor of Pisa, Roman Inquisitor, and Aristotle, respectively, reenacted a physics test by dropping fruit from the roof of Salisbury onto the brick patio of Freeman Plaza.

The second annual event was held to highlight the dawn of science, in particular physics, and the foundations that led to the Age of Reason ... and one big mess of fruit puree!


Sisson Elected President of ASM HTS

Richard D. Sisson Jr., George F. Fuller Professor of Mechanical Engineering at WPI and director of the university's Manufacturing and Materials Engineering programs, has been elected president of the ASM Heat Treating Society (HTS), an affiliate society of ASM International, The Materials Information Society.

A fellow and past trustee of ASM International, Sisson will serve a two-year term as president of HTS, the world's leading network of captive and commercial heat treaters, equipment manufacturers, researchers, and technicians. With roots dating back to 1913, when ASM was founded as the Steel Treaters Club, HTS was organized in 1994 to serve as a clearinghouse for heat treating information, which is distributed through conferences, seminars, books, journals, and electronic media.

"As president, I will focus on opportunities for lifelong learning, one of the most important strategic issues for our membership," Sisson said during the recent HTS General Membership Meeting in Detroit. "I’m looking forward to working with our volunteer leaders, our committees, and our members to make HTS a more vital resource for the worldwide heat treating community."

Sisson’s contributions to the literature in materials science and engineering over three decades at WPI, including 200 technical articles on materials process modeling and control, hydrogen embrittlement of steels, and environmental effects on metals and ceramics, have ranked him among the top five percent of scholars in his field. His work, which has received more than $7 million in external support, has earned him significant honors, including induction into the Academy of Engineering Excellence at Virginia Tech.

Baden Named New Head Wrestling Coach

Lance Baden has been appointed head wrestling coach. He replaces Sean Nelligan, who takes over the role of lead assistant after guiding the team the last two seasons.

Baden returns to WPI after a Hall of Fame career as a wrestler and six years as assistant coach from 2000 to 2006 under the tutelage of legendary coach Phil Grebinar and Nelligan.

"Lance has been an outstanding member of the WPI Wrestling family - first as a student-athlete, then as an assistant coach and now as our head coach," says Dana Harmon, WPI’s director of physical education, recreation, and athletics. "We look forward to him leading our program for many years."

Baden ended his distinguished career at WPI as a two-time captain and was named an All-American in his sophomore year. He was also a two-time New England champion in two different weight classes; the 177-pound class as a sophomore and the 184-pound class as a senior. Baden was a four-time All-New England place winner and owns a 46-11 dual meet record for a .807 percentage.

"There's nowhere else that I would want to coach," says Baden. "We're highly motivated to get WPI back to the top of the division and develop as many New England Champions and All-Americans as possible."

In high school, Baden won the state title as a senior at Framingham High School after placing third in the state in his junior year. He was also a two-time sectional champion and placed fifth in New England. Before coaching at WPI, Baden was an assistant coach at MIT during the 1999-2000 season. Since 1999, he has worked as a project manager at Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc., based in Watertown. Baden has refereed on the high school level since 1995 and serves on the executive board of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Wrestling Officials Association.

Publications and Presentations

Biomedical Engineering

Lu, Z., J. Gao, J. Zuckerman, R. T. Mathias, G. Gaudette, I. Krukenkamp, and I. S. Cohen, "Twopore K(+) channels, NO and metabolic inhibition," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol. 363, no. 1, pp. 194-6, 2007.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Emanuel, A. E., "The Randomness Power: An Other Quantity to be Considered," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 1304-08, July 22, 2007.

Emanuel, A. E. , and J. A. Orr, "Current Harmonics Measurements by Means of Current Transformers," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 1318-25, July 22, 2007.

Todeschini, G., A. E. Emanuel, A. Ferrero, and A. P. Morando, "A Poynting Vector Approach to the Study of Steinmetz Compensator," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 1830-33, July 22, 2007.

Cataliotti, A, D. DiCara, A. E. Emanuel, and S. Nuccio, "On the Measurements of Harmonic Active Powers," Proceedings of the 24th National Conference of the Gruppo Misure Elettrche ed Elettroniche, pp. 237-38, Torino, Italy, Sept. 5-8, 2007.

Cataliotti, A, D. DiCara, A. E. Emanuel, and S. Nuccio, "Metrological Characterization of Current Transducers in the Presence of Harmonic Distortion," Proceedings of the 24th National Conference of the Gruppo Misure Elettrche ed Elettroniche, pp. 99-100, Torino, Italy, Sept. 5-8, 2007.

Recent Grants

Biomedical Engineering

Camesano, T., with co-principal investigator K. Billiar, for RET proposal from the National Science Foundation, "RET Site: Inquiry-based Bioengineering Research and Design Experiences for Middle-School Teachers," February 2008 to January 2011, $400,000

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Connors, Robert, for "Light-Activated Decontaminating Surfaces (LADS) for Individual and Collective Protection," from Ventana Research Corp., $60,005

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bergendahl, John, with Robert Thompson as coprincipal investigator, for "The Removal of Disinfetion Byproducts from Water (1000 – 641), from Triton Systems Inc., $61,960

Computer Science

Heffernan, Neil, for "Career: Learning About Learning," from the National Science Foundation, $19,500

Heffernan, Neil, for "REU:Career: Learning About Learning," from the National Science Foundation, $13,500

Heffernan, Neil, for "Career: Learning About Learning," from the National Science Foundation, $13,500

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Duckworth, James, with David Cyganski and Sergey Makarov as co-principal investigators, for "Integrated Firefighter Locator and Physiological Monitor," from the Department of Homeland Security, $999,303 Huang, Xinming, for "Collaborative Research: A Universal Cooperative Communication System-on-a- Chip," from the National Science Foundation, $125,356

Ludwig, Reinhold, with Gene Bogdanov and John Sullivan as co-principal investigators, for "MR Microwave Absorption and Tomography Imaging," from Dartmouth College, $150,510

Interdisciplinary and Global Studies

DiBiasio, David, for "Cooperative Agreement with Consumer Product Safety Commission," from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, $6,000

Mass. Academy of Math & Science

Morse, Charles, for "WPI Campus Suicide Prevention Program," from the Department of Health and Human Services, $73,175

Mathematical Sciences

Luo, Tao, for "Qualitative Behavior of Solutions for Systems of Conservation Laws with Additional Physical Effects," from the National Science Foundation, for $71,647

Tang, Dalin, for "MRI-Based Computational Modeling for Carotid Plaque Rupture and Stroke," from the Department of Health and Human Services, $259,351 Volkov, Darko, for "Reconstruction of Faults from Surface Displacements," from the National Science Foundation, $83,557

Mechanical Engineering

Blandino, John, for "Travel Award for PI and Students," from the Universities Space Research Association, $5,000

Pryputniewicz, Ryszard, for "Phase 2 OELIM Support for the Development of Boeing – NGIMG" from Boeing Co., $60,000

Pryputniewicz, Ryszard, for "Phase 2 OELIM Support for the Development of Boeing – NGIMG, from Boeing Co., $50,000

Rong, Yiming (Kevin), for "Computer-Aided Modular Fixture Design System," from Caterpillar Inc., $60,000

Sullivan, John, for "Alternative Breast Cancer Imaging Modalities," from Dartmouth College, $62,903

Provost’s Office

McGimpsey, W. Grant, for "Graduate Research Fellowships," from the National Science Foundation, $64,086


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Exhibit: "The Cutting Edge: Modern Metallography and the Ancient Secrets of Swordmaking : Gordon Library, third floor, Oct. 23 to Dec. 20

Friday, Oct. 12

Lecture: "Developing Best Practice: How Do We Build a Standard Action Language for Executable UML?" by Peter Fonanta of Pathfinder Solutions, sponsored by the Computer Science Department : Fuller Labs, Room 320, 11am

Saturday, Oct. 13

Men’s Soccer: WPI vs. Springfield College : Alumni Field, noon Women’s Rugby: WPI vs. Babson College : Class of 1893 Field, 1pm

Tuesday, Oct. 16

Symposium: The WPI Robotics Symposium: Engineering the Revolution : Campus Center, Odeum, 7:30am

Friday, Oct. 19

Colloquium: Alan G. Konheim: On Adaptive Hashing, sponsored by the Computer Science Department : Fuller Labs, Room 320

Men’s Soccer: WPI vs. Coast Guard : Alumni Field, 7pm Tuesday, Oct. 23,

Women’s Soccer: WPI vs. Springfield College : Alumni Field, 7pm

Women’s Volleyball: WPI vs. Springfield College : Harrington Auditorium, 7pm

Thursday, Oct. 25

Lecture: IMGD Speaker Series : Olin Hall, Room 107, 10am

Friday, Oct. 26

Colloquium: Computer Science Department presents Kathi Fisler : Fuller Labs, Room 320, 11am Colloquium: "Non-classical Solutions of the Buckley-Leverett Equation in the Context of Twophase Flow," by Bert Peletier of Leiden University, sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences : Stratton Hall, Room 203, 11am

Saturday, Oct. 27

Women’s Volleyball: WPI vs. Babson College : Harrington Auditorium, 1pm

Football: WPI vs. RPI : Alumni Field, 2pm

Monday, Oct. 29

Colloquium: "Menagerie of Viruses: Diverse Chemical Sequences or Simple Electrostatistics?" by M. Muthukumar of UMass Amherst, sponsored by the Physics Department : Olin, Room 107, 4pm

Thursday, Nov. 1

Lecture: IMGD Speaker Series : Olin Hall, Room 107, 10am

Friday, Nov. 2

Colloquium: Joel Mozer, presented by the Department of Mathematical Sciences : Stratton, Room 203, 11am

Colloquium: CEDA Food for Thought Luncheon presents Jennifer Craig, lecturer in MIT’s Writing Program, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics : Higgins House, Great Hall, noon

Saturday, Nov. 3

Football: WPI vs. Susquehanna : Alumni Field, noon

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Fair: Graduate School Fair : Campus Center, Odeum, 10am

Thursday, Nov. 8

Lecture: IMGD Speaker Series : Olin Hall, Room 107, 10am

Friday, Nov. 9

Colloquium: Computer Science Department presents Edward G. Coffman : Fuller Labs, Room 320, 11am

Lecture: "Optimization and Control of Mechanical and Aerospace Systems," by Mario Rotea of UMass Amherst, sponsored by the Mechanic Engineering Department : Higgins Labs, Room 116, 2pm

Monday, Nov. 12

Open House: Undergraduate Admissions : Harrington Auditorium, 8:45am

Colloquium: "Fundamental Physics Through Astrophysics," by Christopher Stubbs of Harvard University, sponsored by the Physics Department : Olin, Room 107, 4pm

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