Mission Brief

RoboNautica 13 will be held December 21, 2013 on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The main event -- the "Nature's Fury" robotics competition -- takes place in Harrington Auditorium.

During the day the connected Sports & Recreation Center will be used as team pit areas and the judging area.  Visit the Directions & Campus Information page for a detailed map of the campus and location of these buildings.

Qualifying Matches

Each team will get 5 qualifying matches spaced throughout the day.  These matches will begin around 9:00AM and run until approximately 2PM with a  lunch break in the middle.  Teams will have these 5 opportunities to try and secure a high score.  This score will count towards the Robot Performance Award.

Playoff Matches

Starting around 2PM, all teams will participate in the playoff matches.  The format of these matches and associated awards will be announced at the tournament.  Think creative!

Robot, Project, and Core Values Judging

Each team will meet with three sets of judges -- one for technical achievement in robotic design, construction and programming, one for the presentation of a research project, and one for the demonstration of their core values. These interviews are scheduled back-to-back. Ample time in the master schedule has been allotted for travel to and from the judging rooms to ensure that judging interviews do not conflict with participation in a qualifying match.

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