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Life and Career by Design

Life and Career by Design


Design is a visual word. I see visions of blueprints, drawings, and plans. It’s a concrete object, a concept, a strategy. What design doesn’t immediately invoke is its potential application to life. We didn’t design our family origins, our natural aptitudes or deficiencies, or the unexpected events that occurred as we have lived and grown. Surely, we can look back and boast about some personal design elements, which I like to call 20/20 Design Sight. It’s our ability to discern, with a fair measure of visual acuity, where we applied the brush strokes of design. For most of us, the most relevant application is career.

Designing one’s career may seem a luxury during these difficult times. But you can take control of your design strategy by reflecting on your work to determine if the weight of your time on the activities you truly enjoy is properly balanced with your other obligations. Take a look at your career thus far—when you were most happy? What were you doing? What projects or accomplishments were the most fun and exciting? What does your 20/20 Design Sight Analysis tell you? And if you could apply a computer-aided design tool, how would you re-draw your career path?

How many times have you heard someone say that their career was the result of luck? If you probe further, you’ll often find that the element of luck is intersected with a persistent sense of purpose, a site plan. What is your positioning for the future—your 20/20 Design Site Plan? If you could throw caution to the wind and start over, where would you go? It’s your design to create—have at it. Pick an entirely different environment and imagine how you would bring out your designated capabilities in a completely new world. And then, with a pinch of luck and a dose of happenstance, imagine how much impact a career by design might have in contributing to a life by design after all.

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