Pride for All Things WPI

I am a graduate of WPI, Class of '53, and was quite pleased with the current document [winter '09 Transformations]. Frankly, I have always been, especially when I compare the material to that which comes from other universities where I was also degreed—University of Michigan, Harvard University, and Vanderbilt University. All was quite professional and well done.

Worthy of note was the spectacular message from President Berkey and how it ties in so well with America today, as we are guided by our new President, Mr. Obama.

Also worthy of note is Bill Grogan, ["Honoring a Man, a Plan," winter issue] who I knew personally while attending WPI from 1949 to 1953. There was no question in our minds, our class, as to what this person would mean and represent to WPI as he lived his professional life. He is one of the many important anchors of the school and the traditions it represents.

Thank you for the excellent reading opportunity!

Philip E. Simon '53
Vista, Calif.

Where in the World?

I am puzzled. Do we live on the same planet? I have been unable to match what appear—on the front cover of the winter '09 publication—to be continents on the globe held in someone's hand with continents I find on current maps of planet Earth. There seem to be some similarities in places, but relationships do not continue to match. Alternatively, the presumed continents do not agree with what I have seen as resulting from early breakup of Pangea or with projections of future continental drift. Where are we!? I found no comment or description of the front cover anywhere in the magazine. Please elucidate when you have time.

Earl C. Klaubert '52
Northwood, NH

Editor's note: The image used on the cover of the winter '09 Transformations was not intended to be taken as a literal interpretation of planet Earth. Rather, it's an editorial comment to express the care we must take to repair a world that faces economic turmoil, energy and health crises, and war—to name a few—and the important work we must do to solve some of these global issues. So, where are we? We are here. Together. Making a difference in the world. Or, as my father likes to say, "Wherever you go, there you are."

One of Two

In the fall of 1968, Jayne Rossetti (left) and Lesley Small were the first female undergraduates to enroll at WPI, both math majors.

I just found "The Women of WPI" article online [spring '08 Transformations]. I work at the Volpe Center in Cambridge, and in the past three weeks we hired two new female employees—both graduated from WPI. (I was looking for pictures of our first female class to show to them and found the article.) In our group of 30 engineers, six are female, and now three of us have WPI connections!

Jayne Rossetti Granville '72
Cambridge, Mass.

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