A Clean Win for WPI Students

A student project that established a sustainable laundry facility in a village near Cape Town, South Africa, has won first place in the WPI President’s IQP Awards competition. Researched, designed, and installed by Lauren Alex ’09, Jessy Cusack ’09, Augustina Mills ’09, and Alejandro Sosa-Boyd ’08, the laundry system is being hailed as a great labor-saving tool for the women of Monwabisi Park.

"The students’ plan will serve as a blueprint for all the other areas where we intend to build more community centers— each one with a ‘WPI laundry system’ attached," says project sponsor Dianne Womersley, of the Shaster Foundation. "The WPI students made a significant impact and an invaluable contribution to a poverty-stricken community."

The project was completed during C-term 2008, when the students traveled to WPI’s Cape Town Project Center—one of over 25 such centers around the globe where WPI students work on projects to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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