Survey of Graduates

In order to assist you in the future, the Career Development Center (CDC) needs to know your plans after graduation. If you have found employment or plan to go to graduate school, we wish you much success. If you are still developing your future plans, we would like to assist you. Some of our services included web resumes and job listings, resume referrals, career counseling, and job search advice. Update your resume with a permanent address and contact information and complete the Placement Survey below.

Contact Information

Career Development Services

During your academic years at WPI, how often did you visit the CDC or use its electronic resources?
Did you ever have an appointment with a counselor?

Did you participate in any of the following workshops or programs sponsored by the CDC? If so, how would you rate those programs? (5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

Resume Writing
Fall Career Fair
Graduate School Fair
Class Town Meetings
CDC Resume Critique
On-Campus Interviews
Interviewing Skills
Spring Career Fair
All Day Job Search
Corporate Presentations
Corporate Resume Critique
Mock Interview

Experiential Education Programs

Were you enrolled in our Co-op Program?
Did you receive an offer for a fulltime position after graduation?


Were you enrolled in our Internship Program?
Did any of your summer employers offer you a fulltime position?

Employer Sponsored MQP

Did you participate in an Employer sponsored MQP?
Did they offer you a job after graduation?

Current Status

Were you registered with CDC?
I have accepted a fulltime position
I am still seeking fulltime employment
Keep my resume active
I have an offer I am considering
I will be enrolled in Graduate School
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