Eric Hahn's 1999 WPI Honorary Degree Citation

Eric Hahn
Doctor of Science

Innovation is the hallmark of Eric Hahn's career. A 1980 graduate of WPI with a B.S. in computer science, Hahn has become a star in the world of technology and an outstanding role model. In fact, his experience at WPI and the path he has taken since then are among the most remarkable examples of what WPI offers young people who are self-directed, who have an entrepreneurial bent, and who possess a keen sense of what they want from life.

During his career, Hahn has founded a series of highly successful companies at the forefront of software and computer technology. Most recently he established Inventures Group, an investment business that encourages and supports new high-tech start-ups. The company enables him to share his wealth of experience with like-minded technology pioneers.

After graduation from WPI, Hahn joined Bolt, Beranek and Newman, a computer services company. There he was a key developer of ARPANET, a nationwide computer network that evolved into the Internet. After two years, he was recruited to help the fledgling Convergent Technologies, serving as a vice president and general manager of the division that produced PC and UNIX servers and software. He then joined cc:Mail Inc. as vice president of engineering, later rising to the post of general manager. In 1991 cc:Mail became part of Lotus Development Corp.

In 1993 Hahn founded Collabra Software Inc. Its flagship product, Collabra Share, a premier entry in the emerging "groupware" market, won numerous awards from the computer industry before the company was acquired in 1995 by Netscape. At Netscape, makers of some of the most popular software for browsing the World Wide Web, Hahn served as executive vice president and chief technology officer.

WPI recognized Hahn--a regular speaker at industry events, trade shows and panels--for his remarkable record of success with its 1995 Washburn Award, which honors young alumni for outstanding professional achievement.

For his inspirational achievements as an innovator, entrepreneur and leader in the world of technology, WPI is proud to confer upon Eric Hahn the honorary degree of doctor of science.

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