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Total Inquiries (past year)
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Total FY Applications
Total Apps, % Change (+/-) from last year
% Change in Total Apps over past 3 yrs
% stealth applications (first contact = application)
# of Incomplete Applications
# of Withdrawn Apps (Prior to Decision Mail Date)
Male FY Apps
Male FY Apps, % Change (+/-)
Female FY Apps
Female FY Apps, % Change (+/-)
Total FY Admits
Male FY Admits
Female FY Admits
% of FY Apps Admitted
% of Male FY Admitted
% of Female FY Admitted

Early Applications

Do you offer Early Action? Yes
Total ED/EA Apps
Male ED/EA Apps
Female ED/EA Apps
Total ED/EA Apps Admits
Male ED/EA Admits
Female Ed/EA Admits
% of ED/EA Apps Admitted
Total ED/EA Deposits
Male ED/EA Deposits
Female ED/EA Deposits


Total WL Offered/Accepted
Males on WL--Offered/Accepted
Females on WL--Offered/Accepted
Total Admitted from WL
Males Admitted from WL
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Total Enrolling from WL
Males Enrolling from WL
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Class Target

FY Class Target
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Deposit And Yield

Current FY Deposits
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% Enrolling ED/EA
Current FY Yield
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FY Deferring to Spring '12
FY Deferring to Fall '12

Cost And Aid

Comprehensive Fee '11-'12
Tuition '11-'12
Room '11-'12
Board '11-'12
Fees '11-'12
% Receiving Need-Based Aid
% receiving Merit Scholarship only
Avg Institutional FY Need-Based Grant
Avg Institutional Need-Based Grant to FY Domestic SOC
Avg Institutional Grant/Schp to FY International Students
Are you need aware? Yes
How does outside aid impact Inst'l grant?
10-11 Application Fee
11-12 Application Fee
Admissions Deposit
Tuition Deposit
Housing Deposit


VSAT Avg of all Applicants
MSAT Avg of all Applicants
VSAT Mid 50% Range of all Apps
MSAT Mid 50% Range of all Apps
VSAT Avg of all Admits
MSAT Avg of all Admits
VSAT Mid 50% Range of all Admits
MSAT Mid 50% Range of all Admits
VSAT Avg of all Matrics
MSAT Avg of all Matrics
VSAT Mid 50% Range of all Matrics
MSAT Mid 50% Range of all Matrics
% of FY's submitting SAT's if not req'd
ACT Avg of Matrics
TOEFL Avg of Matrics


Total Int'l Apps (Non-US Citizens)
Male International Apps
Female International Apps
Total International Admits
Male International Admits
Female International Admits
Total International Deposits
Male International Deposits
Female International Deposits


Total Fall Transfer Apps
Male Fall Transfer Apps
Female Fall Transfer Apps
Total Fall Transfer Admits
Male Fall Transfer Admits
Female Fall Transfer Admits
Total Fall Transfer Deposits
Male Fall Transfer Deposits
Female Fall Transfer Deposits
Avg Fall Transfer Need-Based Grant


Total Legacy Applicants
% of Legacy Admits (Parents only)


Total African American Apps
Male African American Apps
Female African American Apps
Total African American Admits
Male African American Admits
Female African American Admits
Total African American Deposits
Male African American Deposits
Female African American Deposits
Total Latino Apps
Male Latino Apps
Female Latino Apps
Total Latino Admits
Male Latino Admits
Female Latino Admits
Total Latino Deposits
Male Latino Deposits
Female Latino Deposits
Total Asian American Apps
Male Asian American Apps
Female Asian American Apps
Total Asian American Admits
Male Asian American Admits
Female Asian American Admits
Total Asian American Deposits
Male Asian American Deposits
Female Asian American Deposits
Total Native American Apps
Male Native American Apps
Female Native American Apps
Total Native American Admits
Male Native American Admits
Female Native American Admits
Total Native American Deposits
Male Native American Deposits
Female Native American Deposits
Total Multi-Racial/Other Apps
Male Multi-Racial/Other Apps
Female Multi-Racial/Other Apps
Total Multi-Racial/Other Admits
Male Multi-Racial/Other Admits
Female Multi-Racial/Other Admits
Total Multi-Racial/Other Deposits
Male Multi-Racial/Other Deposits
Female Multi-Racial/Other Deposits
Total No Responses to Ethnicity Apps
Male No Responses to Ethnicity Apps
Female No Responses to Ethnicity Apps
Total No Responses to Ethnicity Admits
Male No Responses to Ethnicity Admits
Female No Responses to Ethnicity Admits
Total No Response to Ethnicity Matrics
Male No Responses to Ethnicity Matrics
Female No Responses to Ethnicity Matrics


TTL Recruitment and Conference Travel Budget (Thousands)
Domestic Travel Budget
International Travel Budget
Budget for Student Travel to Campus
TTL Office Budget w/ Salaries (Thousands)
TTL Office Budget w/out Salaries (Thousands)
% Change of Budget over past 5 years
*Recruitment Cost/Student

*(all enrolled FY students/ Use Ttl budget including salaries)

Postage Budget
Auto Reimbursement/Mile


Publication Budget (no postage)


Starting Prof/Admin Salary (0-2 Yrs Experience)
Starting Prof/Admin Salary (3-5 Yrs Experience)
FTE Prof/Admin Staff
FTE Ops/Support Staff
FTE Tech Staff

Campus Visits And Special Events July 2010 - June 2011

High Schools Visited by Staff
College Fairs by Staff
How many open houses for prospects?
How many open house programs for admitted students?
Number of overnight programs hosted?
# Student hosted overnight (incl Programs)
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