Line-Up and Seating


Line up will occur in the lower level of Alden Memorial, in the following order: Ph.D. degree candidates, Master's degree candidates, and Bachelor's degree candidates. Staff in those locations will direct students to their assigned rows and exact seating order.


Faculty should robe in their offices, and will be seated in the the front rows of Alden Memorial. Faculty will not walk during the Fall Commencement Ceremony. 

Stage Party 

Robing and line-up will take place in the lower level of Alden Memorial.

Upon Arrival Thursday Afternoon at Alden Memorial

  • Pick up a Final Marching List.
  • Find your name and your column (left or right), row, and seat on the marching list.
  • Check in with the line-up coordinator for your row. The coordinator will assist you in finding your exact seating position in line.
  • Once you find your proper location, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT!

Taking Your Seat

  • As you march into the seating area, the left column will fill in the left side seats, and the right column will fill in the right side seats. (see Figure #1).
  • If the person in front of you does not arrive to march, DO NOT take his or her seat. Leave the seat open and sit in the seat that was assigned to you.
  • Remain standing until you are told to sit down.
  • Gentlemen, please remove your caps for the National Anthem and Invocation.


Receiving Your Diploma

  • The Honorary Marshall will lead the first ROW to the stage to receive diplomas. Commencement Aides will lead each successive row to the stage.
  • When s/he arrives at the far right of a row, the ENTIRE row (both left and right seating locations) should RISE AS ONE.
  • The ROW will proceed to the right, with those candidates seated in the left seating section CROSSING the center aisle and walking through the right seating section. (see Figure #2).
  • When your name is called walk to center stage. Receive your diploma with your left hand, and shake hands using your right hand.
  • Move your tassel from the right side of your cap to the left.
  • Upon receiving your diploma, walk across the stage to the stairs on the far left. Proceed to the left end of your row.
  • Walk through the row back to your seat. Those of you seated in the right seating location will have to CROSS the center aisle.
  • Upon reaching your seat, you may sit immediately.

The Recessional

  • The stage party and faculty recess first.
  • As the last faculty pass the FIRST row, this row (both left and right seating locations) files out in two columns (as they did in the processional).
  • The first row is followed by each succeeding row.
  • Continue marching until the stage party stops.


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Line-Up Begins Promptly at 2:30 P.M.

Please be on time! While an this may seem like a long time, it is a rather short time to do what needs to be done.