Two WPI Seniors Share 'WPI Experience' Stories


In his remarks at the annual Endowed Scholarship Program Dinner on March 23, 2009, President Dennis D. Berkey stressed that endowed scholarships are critical to bringing students to WPI who contribute to the university’s distinctive character and its reputation for educating graduates who are leaders in their fields. Berkey also emphasized the impressive research and project work students undertake at WPI Project Centers in 25 countries around the world and in the freshman Great Problems Seminars, as well as the culture of collaboration students help to create and maintain at WPI.

Jennifer Himottu '09, a civil engineering major, and Jonathan Baldiga '09, a mechanical engineering major; both recipients of endowed scholarships, know first-hand how important both the Projects Program, and working in collaborative teams, are to helping students solve real-world problems. The students also recognize the importance of scholarships during this uncertain economic time.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jennifer, Jonathan, and their experiences as students at WPI.

Video provided by Alexander Laferriere '09.