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Looking ahead: Neuroprosthetics 2010

"This symposium was excellent. It brought together a lot of key scientists in the prosthetics world to talk about what they are doing, the state of the art today, and where it is going to go in the future. And I’ve heard over and over again today, that we need to make this continue. I believe if WPI can focus on making this symposium an annual or biennial event, then they will have given the prosthetics world and all our wounded warriors a huge benefit."
John Parker, MD
Health Care Consultant
Former Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

After a day of formal presentations, robust round-table discussions, and casual conversations at lunch and dinner, one idea was most widespread at Neuroprosthetics 2009—the program must continue. There was unanimity in the conclusion that the field needs to gather on a regular basis, to inform on progress, to define current challenges, and to foster the collaborations that will help drive solutions.

So, WPI is now planning for Neuroprosthetics 2010 and organizing an expanded advisory board to help work on next year’s symposium and to explore other means to continue advancing the field.

If you are interesting in participating in the planning process for 2010, or want to offer other ideas or thoughts, please contact:

Center for Neuroprosthetics
WPI Bioengineering Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Fax: 508-831-4120

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