About the Photos

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About the Photos
These pictures come from a variety of settings. In Jamaica Plain, a section of Boston where I’ve lived for a long time, there are three ponds within a mile of my house. In the right light they are great subjects. The beach photos come from Islamorada in the Florida keys and Truro, Cape Cod. The mountain scenes were taken in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area of Colorado’s Front Range.

A few of the pictures were taken with a Pentax manual 35 mm SLR, using a variety of slide films, with a Tamron 28-200 mm lens and the usual assortment of filters. Most of them were taken with a Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5D digital SLR, using either a Tamron zoom or a Sigma 105mm macro. A few were touched up a bit in Photoshop Elements.

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About the Photographer
My photos are inspired by my love of the natural world and my hope that we can learn to value it as it deserves. When you consider how unlikely it is, and what a gift, life is indeed a miracle.

For my day job I am a professor of philosophy at WPI, and I’ve written books and articles on a variety of subjects including environmentalism, political philosophy, ethics, religion, and the Holocaust.

Photography has been a hobby for many years. I’m drawn to the beauty of nature and also to the process of learning how to get the camera to see a little of what the eye can. While the eye is brilliant, even the best of cameras is, well, pretty dumb. It’s a marvelously absorbing process, and once in a great while it really works.

Buying a Photo
These photos, framed or unframed, at the sizes on display or smaller, are available for sale. To inquire about a purchase, contact me at gottlieb@wpi.edu.

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