A major part of the competition is the science outreach, largely achieved through the actual rocketry experience, and as we hope, greatly enhanced through mentoring provided by volunteer physics students and faculty. Mentors may choose the duration and degree of their involvement. Mentoring may take many forms, from guidance on rocket design and safety, to hands-on assistance in acquiring materials, building and testing the rockets and launchers. Mentors may provide assistance to rocket teams via email, phone, and/or face-to-face contact. Mentors may invite their adopted teams to WPI to meet and discuss rocket design. Mentors may also, if they wish, visit a team’s school to give a rocket talk. Mentors who are members of societies such as SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma are welcome to arrange, with their respective societies, to apply their mentoring activities toward earning society-related goals.

When registering, teams will indicate whether or not they would like to be contacted by a mentor. Mentoring activities may begin immediately once a team registers and a mentor adopts the team and makes initial contact.

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