Sign Promissory Note

All students who have been awarded a Federal Perkins Loan or institutional loan are required to complete Entrance Counseling, as well as sign the Promissory note and Disclosures electronically on the ECSI website. If you have been awarded a Federal Perkins Loan, you will need your Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is an electronic access code number that serves as an identifier. If you did not complete your FAFSA electronically, you can request a PIN from the U.S. Department of Education (ED) website. To apply for a PIN, or if you do not remember your PIN, please visit the official PIN site at

If you have been awarded an institutional loan, a FAFSA PIN is not required; however, an ECSI PIN will be used for authentication purposes. ECSI will provide you this PIN number. If you previously signed a Master Promissory Note for your institutional loan, you still need to proceed to the ECSI website in order to review the disclosures and complete the self-certification form. Your loan will not be disbursed until all electronic processes are accurately completed, and the three-day cancellation period has lapsed.  

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to ECSI's Electronic Promissory Notes page to start the electronic signature process.
  2. Provide your Social Security Number, last name, and date of birth. 
  3. Provide your FAFSA PIN when requested on the Student Authentication Network page, or use your ECSI PIN for ECSI Authentication, if you were awarded an institutional loan.
  4. Most pages require that you accept the terms by checking a box at the bottom of those pages. 
  5. You must provide complete reference information for yourself, next of kin (a relative), and two additional references. Failure to complete all lines accurately will prevent this loan from disbursing to your WPI student account. 
  6. Master Promissory Note—Read completely. Electronically sign at the bottom of the page. The electronic signature includes a checkoff box plus your full legal name.