Student Policies

Tuition & Fees: Tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students are set by the Board of Trustees annually. All fees are mandatory. A student that may be studying away on project for a term will be charged as a full time student including all mandatory fees.

Electronic Billing: WPI produces electronic bills (eBill) to all students. We do not provide paper bills however a student may print a paper copy from the eBill site.

Cash in Person: Cash payments may be made in the Bursar’s office in person. WPI is required by the IRS to report any cash payments over a 12 month period that are received in the amount of $10,000.00 or greater via the IRS form 8300. Please have identification with you including your government issued ID – i.e. Passport, Driver’s License and SSN (if applicable).  For specific information on this regulation please visit the IRS site. Please never mail cash.  

Billing Due Dates. Undergraduate students are billed twice a year (once per semester). Bills are due by the official due date indicated on the electronic bill (eBill) statement. Graduate students are billed if registered, and payment is due within the first add/drop period of a semester. Students are subject to late fees (up to $250.00 per semester) if the bill is not paid by the due date. Please Note: Students that register after the bill due date for Undergraduate and Graduate level courses are required to pay at the time of registration.

Email Communication. The Bursar’s Office will communicate via email regarding many important matters, including sending any and all eBills. Communications will be emailed to the student’s WPI email address only. It is the student’s responsibility to check the delegated WPI email (including junk mail) for important email messages and reminders from our office.

Credit Card Payments. WPI does not accept credit cards over the phone, or in person in the Bursar’s Office for any balance due on a student account.

International Letters. International students may request a sealed, signed letter indicating the cost of attendance for the semester they plan to study, for an embassy, sponsor, or other entity. Letters are standardized and no variations will be made. The letter shall include the student’s tuition, fees, room and board, or the standard cost of attendance from the Financial Aid website. If the student has any Financial Aid (scholarships, grants) these will be included on the letter. Letters need to be requested by the student from the Bursar’s Office, and we will attempt to have the letter available with the signature of the Bursar or delegate within 48 hours.

Refunds. Students must request a refund each semester from the Bursar’s Office using the online submission form. No refunds will be released prior to the end of the first week of add/drop in a semester. Refunds will be issued in the full amount available on the account; no partial refunds will be issued. Students using the monthly payment plan (TMS) or with a pending credit from an outside agency are not eligible for refunds until all funds are received by WPI. Students with federal financial aid are required to have a refund issued; if you wish us to hold these funds, you must inform us in writing, and you may email All federal funds may be held till the end of the award year and then must be refunded to the student. Any Parent PLUS loan will be refunded to the parent unless the parent has indicated on their PLUS loan application to refund the student. Refund checks may be held in the office or mailed to the home address. Refunds may not be picked up by anyone other than the student.

Meal Plan Changes. Meal plan changes may be submitted through the Bursar’s Office website and are not guaranteed. Changes may only be made prior to the start of a semester and during the first two weeks. All residential meal plans are nonrefundable; meals and points are forfeited at the end of each term. Certain resident halls require students to select a residential meal plan, and they are not able to remove the meal plan. Commuter meal plans may be purchased at any time during the year.

Outside Scholarships. WPI will extend a credit to the student account when information is submitted through the online form. Credit is based upon the information received and is subject to interpretation by the Bursar’s Office. WPI will bill the agency if requested. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all funds are received by WPI. Additionally, a student will be responsible for any balance due on the student account in the event that the scholarship is rescinded or the funds are not received by WPI. In the event that the scholarship is not received, the credit will be removed from the student account and payment will be due immediately. Students with a pending scholarship credit are not eligible for a refund.

Financial Aid. WPI will use accepted and approved financial aid as credit toward your account/bill. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all requirements are met through the Financial Aid office. In the event that the aid is cancelled, changed, declined, or decreased, payment to WPI will be due immediately. All private loans must be certified and approved through the Financial Aid office to be used as credit.

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